Sunday, February 22, 2015

6th Annual Ode to the Oscars!

It's OSCAR NIGHT!!!!!!! My favorite night on TV! Oh, how I love the Academy Awards! But then, if you've been around this little space much, you knew that. I'll keep on saying it every year though. Don't worry. Or be forewarned. Whichever way you wanna take it.

For me, it's more than just a night of movie recognition. It's more than just our forever long family Oscar poll competition. It's now also the anticipation of my Biffer's (sister) Ode to the Oscars! For the past several years, in honor of Oscar night and my love for all things movie, she's been writing poetry for me (and let's face it, for the rest of the world---I'm just waiting for her writing talent to be discovered)!

And she's outdone herself again this year! Every year her poem is set to a Christmas tune (this night is like the Christmas of movies for me)! You can also revisit her Oscar poetry in 2014, 2012 (for some reason I didn't post 2013), 2011, and 2010. My favorite part of this year's poem is the 3rd stanza--that really fast part of Bing's song! She nailed it!

Without further delay. . .it's the . . .

6th Annual 
Ode to the Oscars
(set to the tune of the amazing Bing Crosby's "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas")

It's beginning to look just like the Oscars
Everywhere I go
Take a look at the Malco lot, filled up in every spot
With cars and vans rushing to see the show

It's beginning to look just like the Oscars
Costumes to best score
But the prettiest sight to see will be all celebrities
On the carpet once more

A pair of Oscars for Boyhood though Birdman was quite good
And Sniper might squeak out a win
Reese was the talk cause she took a long walk
Could Keaton be a shoe in?
And my dear Biff can hardly wait to see Tom Cruise again

It's beginning to look just like the Oscars
Where did Ben's girl go?
There's popcorn in the microwave, a Coke that she did crave
And Cumberbatch might try to steal the show

It's beginning to look just like the Oscars
Soon Doogie will start
Eddie Redmayne as Steve Hawking
In "The Theory of Everything" was a perfect part

It's beginning to look just like the Oscars
Fran, er, Julianne Moore
But the prettiest sight we'll see is our fav celebrity
In Christian Dior
Cause it's the Oscars once more      

Love it, Mary! You always amaze me! Now on with the snow! I mean, show. But I would take more snow!!!! A repeat of last year, maybe???

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