Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days of. . .Light! | Day 1

Light in various forms
In case you were wondering, because I'm sure you were, there are over 45 entries for the definition of the word "light" according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Over forty-five! I came up with several ways we use light regularly. The obvious being the first definition. . .


noun  \ˈlīt\

: the form of energy that makes it possible to see things : the brightness produced by the sun, by fire, a lamp, etc.

But light takes on a slightly new meaning when we use the word in different contexts. Whether we are talking about eating and cooking light, or being a light for the Lord, or shedding light on an issue, or having seen the light, or keeping things light, we are surrounded by light!

31 Days of seeing, being, eating & living Light
I'm excited and inspired to be joining the 31 day writing challenge that Myquillyn Smith, the Nester, started for October. I've been busy with family and life, like I know you are, and my writing has been a tad rusty. I'm hoping this little bit of fun in October can help the wheels get rollin' again and maybe shed some light (I had to) on different areas that occupy my heart! Truth be told, sometimes committing to things sends me into a panic (don't worry, not my commitment to Hubby). We'll see if I can push through for 31 days! Whether you pop here on Day 1, 10 or 31, you can find the links to each day of my series below!

Day 1--right here
Day 2--cooking with quinoa
Day 3 --FYI Friday: spotlight on Down syndrome
I hope you'll join me for. . .

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Anonymous said...

So fun! I was considering something similar, but you've taken it even further than I was considering. Have fun looking at multiple aspects of light this month!


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