Wednesday, October 22, 2014

getaways: you need them | Day 22

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It still seems too early for Christmas decor and Christmas music in October. I think that every year and every year, it seems to arrive in the stores earlier and earlier. But, today, Way and I were in a store and came across the Christmas scene above. After my initial nose-scrunch-too-early-thinking, I embraced the music of the little scene and talked to Way about snow and of course, my snow-lovin' self felt a little lighter!

I think I might just start my yearly prayers for snow now! Never too early for that, if you ask me. That little scene also got me even more excited about a trip, Hubby and I will be taking with some friends in December! We are headed to NYC for a long weekend getaway! Ohhhhhhh! Aren't getaways wonderful? You NEED to get away with your spouse, every once and a while. Sure you are tired, maybe you have children, don't have time, etc. But if you can find a way to getaway, so many good things happen to build and strengthen your marriage! I'll save my little rant, because I preached it here, a couple of years ago, but seriously! Hubby and I are truly blessed to have had several getaways since our children have been born. Vancouver, Florida, the Grand Canyon, and Hawaii are some of our faves, and our last trip to NYC together, was way back in 2007, when we looked lots younger!

Lots of big plans for NYC this time around! Gotta convince my friend that on her first trip to NYC, she cannot miss the ice-skating! And of course, we will see some shows, eat yummy food, see the sights, etc! I've heard great things about Aladdin and A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder! Any of you been to NYC recently? Other suggestions on things to do?

Our trip is definitely something to look forward to! Sometimes, especially with children and busy lives, taking a breather and spending time with ones you love does a heart good!

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Simply LKJ said...

Sounds like it will be the perfect getaway and refresher just prior to Christmas.


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