Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fondly remembering Vancouver (while hubby is traveling the world)

As I have been eagerly awaiting my hubby's return from a long business trip over in Europe and dreaming of one day going to Europe, just the two of us, I found myself thinking back to April. We were able to take a few days away, thanks to my sweet parents, and head to Vancouver, British Columbia! I've been to lots of different countries, but had never been to the one big country to our north! I know there are so many different beautiful areas of Canada, but I was thrilled to head to Vancouver since the Winter Olympics had just been there, and every shot taken from the venue was breathtaking!

I must say, while I thought Vancouver was pretty, I think the breathtaking parts were probably further out, near Queens Island and up in the mountains. We stayed right in the city---which was actually SO cool and SO much fun! We walked across the entire city--different parts on different days. It is quite easy to get around (though very hilly, which I chalked up to great exercise)! The food there is ah-MA-zing and we heard more than once that Vancouver prides itself on delicious food--indeed! We stayed at a bed and breakfast, the West End Guest House, and loved it.

The owners had everything decorated traditionally, a real vintage gem! They served sherry and snacks from 5-7 and encouraged guests to sit and chat with each other. They were all about forming relationships--which I appreciated! The owners also had wonderful recommendations about what to do and where to eat. It was so nice getting the inside scoop, instead of hitting up touristy type places!

So, Chad and I took off! We went to Granville Island, a must visit! We took a brewery tour, explored a huge farmers market (think Seattle's Pikes Place), had a blast trying on hats of all styles, window shopped in a HUGE kid's market, with tons of stores, while missing our kiddos, and ate at one of our now declared favorite restaurants ever, the Sand Bar. Yum, yum, yum with an awesome view of the harbor!

We also hiked around Stanley Park, went to visit the famous steam clock in Gastown, explored the English Bay side of Vancouver and the seawall, finding these purple shells all over and spent some time in Coal Harbor, enjoying the view of the mountains and even catching a Memphis Grizzlies NBA playoff game on tv!

I know Chad has seen some Swiss mountains over the past week, but if you get a chance to check out these mountains on your way to British Columbia, you won't be disappointed!

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Amy said...

That is so funny that you just posted about your fun trip to Vancouver . . . we are headed there this weekend! Alex was awarded a trip through work and we chose Vancouver. Very excited, never been. Staying in downtown too and planning to do some of the things that you mentioned. So glad to hear you enjoyed it. Seems like its going to be a great weekend to celebrate our 10th the following week!


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