Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Valentine's getaway

Last Wednesday night I stayed up waaayy too late preparing for Valentine's morning with my littles! I love Valentine's day, as Hallmarky as it is. But hey, I love Hallmark too! So staying up late to make a day a little more special is just fun! I'm not in it for me anymore--just want nothing but to show my Big Valentine and my little Valentine's how much I love them! Some homemade cards, slippers, muffins, a special lunch for school and maybe a smidge of candy to start their day!

But this year, after spending time with my littles in the morning and sending them off to school, I did get to do something for me, and for us! I hopped on a plane and flew to meet Chad in Naples, FL, where he was attending a conference earlier in the week, and we were able to celebrate Valentine's together and the weekend too! It was good for me and for Chad for obvious reasons like alone time to enjoy each other and have no responsibilites! But it was also good for our boys as well. Not only did they get to have a blast with their grandparents, but they were able to see that we value our marriage and want to take steps to get away together, because following our relationship with the Lord, our marriage takes priority! It's hard once we all have kiddos and schedules and activities and work, etc. to get a lot of quantity time together with your spouse. So when Chad and I can get time or see an opportunity to make time, we want it to be quality! I went on a little rant about dating your spouse here, so I will stop for now. My parents made our trip possible by watching all 4 boys and we are so thankful!

While we were in Naples, it was rainy or freezing cold. But you know what, it didn't matter a bit! On the rainy day, I spent the day at the spa (while Chad finished up his conference playing golf) and it was glorious! I sat a few spa chairs down from Ann Romney and drank one of these. . .

it was quite green, but very tasty--a detox drink they named Envy!

I also read the funniest book I've ever read, but I'll save that for another post. And on Saturday, when it wasn't raining, we were snuggled under towels inside our own little pull-up cabana around us, protecting us from the frigid wind we were having! I had hot chocolate for the first time ever on a beach because of that wind! And during the 20 or so minutes I was convinced we weren't blowing away to Kansas, I uncovered and of course got a smidge sunburned. In 20 minutes. Oh well.

We ate deliciously every night, but my favorite night was Valentine's with Valentine!
 Thank you Chad for making our marriage a priority and for making the weekend so much fun! I love you!
Still Always.


Anonymous said...

So glad you two had time to regroup! We all need that in our lives. Thank you for sharing the boys with us. We loved spoiling them (just a little) but that's what Grandparents do!! Love, Mimi

Aunt Mary! said...

That picture of Miles makes my heart happy. Love y'all and glad you got a little R&R...


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