Wednesday, October 8, 2014

the perfect candle | Day 8

Yesterday, we had some friends visit our house. And by friends, I don't really mean friends. And by visited, I actually mean invaded.

It suddenly seems we have an ant problem. Eeesh! Sure, there are worse things, no doubt! I despise spiders and lots of other critters that come to mind. The problem with ants, though, is that there is never just one. There are tons of them! And yesterday, they were invading our kitchen. On the counters, in our sink, on our floor. Just, ick!

Fortunately, we had our pest control man come by and put an end to them. At least we hope they are gone soon! And thanks to him, or the ants, we had a slight ant spray odor in our house after he left. So, I lit some candles. And just like that, my ant problems melted away. Okay, not really. But it did provide some inspiration for Day 8 of my 31 Days of Light series!

There's just something about a candle. It sets a mood. The flickering light just brings peace. And the aroma? Mmmmm! The perfect candle can do wonders for my attitude! So, I light candles, a lot!

We have a variety of candles. Different ones for each season, or various moods, or to create the desired atmosphere. Here are my very favorite candles and their flavors (I mean scents--just had to do that for my Biffer)! From left to right. . .

And being the candle lover I am, if you have any favorite candles, I'd be thrilled to know!

Pumpkin candle 
Okay, honestly, this is the one I've had for years. You don't even have to light it to make your room smell amazing. The only problem is, you can't just go find it. It was made by the White Barn Candle Co. years ago, so I linked to the closest candle I imagine it smells like. It's caramel and just heaven!

Illume-Balsam and Cedar
Oh my goodness! If this isn't the perfect Christmas scent, I don't know what is! This candle is everything Christmas trees, but not the fake, plastic-y smell. You must add this to your candle collection!

Votivo, Red Currant
This candle was given to me by a friend. It's perfect year round, but is listed in the holiday section of their website. It's fruity and berry combined and has a potent (which is good, if it smells good) scent. Makes my house feel a little fancier and smell clean! We use it in our kitchen, den and half-bath.

Firewood by Henri Bendel 
I'm normally not a woodsy candle type girl. Don't get me wrong, I love the woods and a good campfire, but sometimes, I think a candle with those scents go wrong. This Firewood candle is great though. Love it year round, but it's better for fall/winter. I leave this in our half-bath.

Come Thou Fount--Cabernet Neroli scent
Head over to Red Letter Words for word art and candles! This candle is an ideal year round candle. There are lots of different scents to choose from, as well as Bible verses, songs, etc. The candle is in a recycled wine bottle and the scent I chose has a touch of wine scent (being Cabernet) as well. Fresh and not heavy. I have this in our family room.

Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Boxed Candle, Pink Grapefruit
I saved this little candle for last. It's perfection. I light this candle and immediately my mood lifts! It's crisp and clean and refreshing! I do put it up for the fall/winter season, but I absolutely LOVE pulling it out at the first sign of spring! It stays with us until I pull my fall candles out! I leave this in our kitchen and light it to cut the cooking odors, or to make me feel light and happy! This is my favorite overall candle!

**I'm not getting paid to advertise these candles, so these links are just my own, and these are just my own personal opinions. I know you can find most of these candles on Amazon too. I just took the time to link to their websites for you!

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