Thursday, October 9, 2014

heavy eyelids | Day 9

From the moment you announce you are pregnant, everyone you know starts throwing out tidbits and pieces of advice about raising a baby!

You hear things from your best friend's experience and from your great aunt who raised 8 of your mom's cousins back in the day. Helpful hints range from "Never wake a sleeping baby!" to "Just bounce him on your hip, while swaying side to side and whispering shh, shh, shh and that'll do the trick!" You have showers that shower you with items you've never seen before and don't know how to use, and you walk away more excited about a simple blanket than you ever thought you would be!

Really, it's all bliss! You are so excited and busy dreaming of the sweet little angel that's about to be in your arms. And truly, when that happens, it's a miracle!

You come home from the hospital with your new baby wrapped up tight and you are mesmerized! So is everyone else! This new little life is amazing! You may even be blessed with friends and family bringing you meals! You get to feed your baby and someone else is feeding you! The adrenaline has kicked in and you think life is perfection!

And then, the adrenaline wears off. You are working hard to keep your baby fed! Maybe he's sleeping through feedings and waking him is nearly impossible. Or maybe he's not sleeping at all.

Of course, that's to be expected. Everyone knows newborns don't sleep through the night. And sometimes, newborns turn into 6 month old babies who still aren't sleeping through the night. There's no way for newborn parents to prepare for lack of sleep. Oh, sure, you are prepared for soiled clothes, and diaper rashes. You are armed with swaddle blankets and sound machines. You have baby swings and paci's and everything a parent could need for a brand new baby. Except sleep. You can't stockpile sleep.

But you can store up God's Word. He gives us the strength we need for each day. And when we aren't sleeping, we need it! So for those who have just become or are about to be new mommies, I thought I'd share one of my favorite Bible verses to keep your heart strong and light when your eyelids are heavy. . .


Remember this. You may feel like the weight of the world is on you. But you are light and not a burden to Him. He is strong and He will carry you! And for those of you who are not parents of newborns, this verse still applies. We are His lambs just as much as our children are! So thankful He is my Shepherd!

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