Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For all the times I just wanna wing it: A reminder. . .

Free Fallin'
Sometimes, I find that making a plan seems like too much effort. Or, even more often, it feels overwhelming. Sometimes, I push back against structure. I'd rather wing things and see where it gets us. A little free-for-all, a little Free-Fallin' (cue Tom Petty and heck, why not Tom Cruise while I'm at it?) just seems good for my soul. Sometimes, no plans and no routines allow room for spontaneity. And all kinds of fun can come from being spontaneous, right? But sometimes, and really, more often than not, a plan can be exactly what I need.

Planning ahead
I got so much accomplished yesterday. Sure, it was a day without my littles in tow, but the reason I was able to get so much done? A list! I made a list! This is probably not shocking to you at all. You probably know that you can get more done when you plan ahead. I think somewhere deep inside I know that too. But the Free-Fallin' and all, and it just doesn't always happen.

However, while I sometimes bristle at a plan or structure and I don't like being nailed down for this or that, more and more I'm seeing the fruit and the freedom of a plan. This school year (and yes, because we have 4 littles all in school to some degree, we live by the "school calendar") for example, I've made a plan to set my alarm and get up early before all of the boys get up. That allows me time alone with the Lord, time to get lunches made and breakfast started. Time to breathe. And that planning ahead is actually freeing and refreshing.

I also see fruit when I plan what our afternoons will look like. When my boys come bounding in from school eager to share something about their day (all at once), while exclaiming they are "starving" (I cannot keep them full, for the love) and spouting out desires, requests, demands (yep) before their back-packs are even hung up, I know that our snack-chores-homework-play-bathe routine is needed ASAP! The routine, the plan, calms the chaos, while providing all of us a chance to gather ourselves. We all know what is expected and I can see how that is life-giving to my boys. Though, don't misunderstand. Our afternoons are still wild and loud, but a little direction and a plan is comforting to us all!

Savoring the fruit
There's so much more. We all make plans for tomorrow. For next week. For next year. We have big plans for that upcoming event, holiday or vacation. We plan for work, school, and the future. But in order to truly savor the fruit, we must hand over our plans to the Lord, because the purpose of the Lord will stand! I try to start each morning by acknowledging that this day is not mine, but the Lord's day.
I pray this verse. . .
and whether I wing it or plan ahead, I know His ways are better than mine!

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