Monday, October 13, 2014

not light | Day 13

If I'm being honest, I'm not feeling really light right now. We got home late last night from a wonderful weekend in Waco, TX, where we watched our Baylor Bears come from behind to beat TCU in a fashion that has the entire sports world buzzing! And we were buzzing too! The weekend was such fun and our boys had a blast! So many people asked us if we were taking our entire family to Waco for the long weekend. Of course we were!

But now we are back and I'm exhausted. Because the boys had off of school today, all four of them came to the grocery store with me. I usually only go with my younger two, who are sitting sweetly in a grocery cart. But today wasn't like that, and my boys were most definitely not feeling tired, in fact, quite the opposite. And that's kinda funny to me because one of them fell asleep on the bathroom floor last night, just after using the bathroom before bed. We arrived around 10 and they were tuckered. But, that was last night. 

Anyway, after a morning of OT for Way, and a doozy of a therapy, which essentially told me that I need to get to work with Way (in the most encouraging way), where I didn't take it so lightly, and then the grocery store with all four (where the older boys almost flipped our cart over with Way in it), I'm just not feeling light. Oh, and it's pouring down rain outside, so it's not so light out there either.

But all hope is not lost. I've made some tea and I'm baking brownies for my small group of girls coming over tonight. Oh, and I declared pizza night and my husband is wisely so sweetly, not arguing! :)


Simply LKJ said...

You guys picked a great weekend to go! What a game. Praying things settle down and you get some rest. Raining here too!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are catching up on the rest and truly happy no accident really occurred at the grocery - close call. Hugs, Mom/Mimi


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