Saturday, October 25, 2014

4 boys + 1 man = the lights of my life | Day 25

Life isn't always perfect. Sometimes, life is hard. But I recently heard it said, that if life is hard, but the relationships in your life are good, then really, life is good. But if life is good and your relationships are bad, then really, life is bad.

I'm thankful my life is good. Not without problems, or issues to be worked through, but good. The Lord is faithful and never leaves us and he has blessed me with a husband who is the same. Faithful and loving. He has made our quiver full, and even when life with 4 boys seems so loud and crazy, we wouldn't change it for anything! Even when Hubby and I work through difficult times, the Lord brings us out stronger. I would not want to do life without my man!

Thank you Lord, for my boys and my man--my pumpkins!
The lights of my life!
I love my family!
I am truly blessed!

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Simply LKJ said...

Amen! What a great picture!!


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