Sunday, March 2, 2014

All I Want, Dear Oscars. . .

There's talk of an ice storm here tonight. And it has me slightly worried. Why, you ask? Am I not the one who loves all things winter and snow? Yes, yes. I still am. However, it's ice that could cause power outages and interfere with my ability to sit happily, mesmerized for hours in front of my TV watching all things movie! But oh!!! If we were to actually get snow tonight, it would be a dream come true! A little slice of heaven!

Because after all, the Academy Awards are on tonight!! 
And the Oscars + snow would equal one truly happy girl!!

If you know I love snow, you should also know I love the Oscars! Prior to having children, I would literally camp out on our couch from 2pm until after midnight catching every little bit of the pre-show, the ceremony and after-show--until my heart was content! Those days are past now, but I still get super excited for the big event!

And every year for quite a while now, my uber-creative sister, Mary, (who has also been known to create Oscar themed meals--she is a food blogger after all) gets her juices-flowing to help me celebrate my favorite awards day, and she pens a poem. Not just any poem, but Oscar poetry put to Christmas music, since she calls it my "Christmas" of television events.

I just can't pass up the opportunity to share just how crazy, and insanely creative she is, so without further ado. . .(you must sing along to the tune of All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey)

All I Want, Dear Oscars

I don't care about the Emmy's
There is just one show I need
I don't care about the Grammy's
And the SAG's just aren't for me.

I just want popcorn and Coke
Watching Ellen crack a joke
Sunday my wish comes true
All I want dear Oscars, is you.

I don't want the Golden Globes
There is just one show I crave
I don't care about the Tony's
Cause I've seen "12 Years a Slave"

I don't need to watch the crazy
Go down on the VMA's
The red carpet makes me happy
Valentino and Hermes.

I just want to see "Frozen"
Matthew's looking pretty thin
Who knew jasmine was blue?
All I want, dear Oscars, is you
You, baby.

Oh I don't ask for much all season
I just belt out "Let It Go"
Who's going to win supporting?
J-Law and Jared Leto.

I'll sit here and check my flat screen
There's a big celebrity
American Hustle's Amy Adams
Fighting against Gravity

I haven't seen "Before Midnight"
Philomena did delight
Oh look now there's Hugh
All I want dear Oscars, is you.
You, baby.

Oh, all the stars are shining
So brightly don't you know
I'll have a hard time looking
The same way at Leo.

And everyone is screaming
I'm sitting here just squealing
Oscar, won't you bring me the one I really need?
Won't you please bring my Tommy to me?

Oh, I don't ask for much all season
I just sing the song "Happy"
Wonder if Blanchett will win it
Or the lovely Dame Judi

Oh, close ups of Joaquin's face
Minions all over the place
Sunday I'll have no blues.
I just want to see Tom Cruise
You, Tommy.

All I want dear Oscars is you, baby
Bradley Cooper's hair-do was, oh, wavy
Christian Bale, the con-man was oh, shady.
All I want dear Oscars is you, baby

Happy Oscar watching!
I'm thinking 12 Years a Slave is going to pull off Best Picture. You?

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Our Volunteer Family said...

Love the poem! I love the Oscars as well and I can't wait to see what everyone is wearing! And - just so you know - that Christmas song is my favorite!


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