Thursday, February 27, 2014

grace in the midst of clutter

I have lots of people ask me how I find time to blog. Clearly over the past week, I haven't! But usually, it's not a struggle to find time, because it's something I want to do. I love to write and record memories, but over the years, this blogging thing has become a sort of therapy for me! Gotta clear thoughts from my head and really I just want to share and encourage and keep it real . . .

So how's this shot for keeping it real?

Really, this shot doesn't do our cluttered counters any justice! Ha! The de-cluttering process has taken a backseat to cuddling sick babies, therapies, errands, park play dates, etc. Real life, real people have taken over and I'm okay with it. Do I like not being able to see my counters? No! I can only put up with it for so long and then everybody better watch out, because I start letting people know things are heading to the trash if it's not put up. And then, it's amazing! My littles' move like a fire was lit under them! Not to just blame them though, I create clutter too.

There was once a time when I would frantically clean before people were coming over. I was scared of what they would think if our house was a mess. My mom has always been this way too. And it is nice and welcoming to go into someone's nice clean house. If they don't have kids. If they do have kids and the house is spotless, I have to wonder. (Make sure you have some friends who don't clean before you come over. How wonderfully relaxing it is!)

But seriously, I remember a day when I was growing up. We must have had people coming over or a big party to get ready for. My mom was busy tidying up and a little stressed about it. My dad said, "Babe. We live here. People will know it's a house that is lived in. It's okay!" I'm not sure it helped my mom at that moment, but I know it did in her heart. AND, I know it has in mine. 

Does that mean I want to live in filth and junk? Absolutely not. There's something calming to my soul to have things in their right places. But do I need to tend to babies and meals and homework and eye contact above perfection? Yes. And so I give myself grace occasionally. Actually, I've been giving myself a little more grace than usual lately. It's okay.

You should feel free to do the same. Go play with your babies or return phone calls or make your meals and ease up on yourself. You'll get to it. Spring-cleaning time will be here soon!


Simply LKJ said...

Amen! Just wish I had learned that sooner rather than later. We are in Waco for Sing! Cannot wait to watch tonight.

lindley said...

So exciting!! Sing was one of my favorite events at Baylor! Loved it!! Have fun!!

Dixie said...

Love this post!!


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