Wednesday, February 18, 2015

an icy blessing!

Could I really have gone this long without posting? I think I've poured more inspiration into Instagram lately. It's quicker and a place I can be a little artsy here and there. But like I've said before, I still enjoy writing and sharing and capturing moments here, so I am not going anywhere!

We've had a February like never before. Crazy calendar busy! I typically love February. It is the love month of course, but it usually brings cold weather and white spaces on our calendar. Not so much this year!! It's been one project, party or program after another at school and lots going on with church. Not a lot of down time! Well, except for this week! We've had bitter cold and 3 days of ice-out-of-school days so far!! That's my ideal week!!

I've decided that my one of my biggest dreams in life (other than taking our family on a trip around the world for a year) would be to homeschool, but not actually have to do the school part! If there was some way the littles could just stay home everyday, but we could just play instead, that would be perfection!!

And at least the past 3 days, that's what we've done! We've been sledding and eaten lots of snow/ice! We've had P.E. outside and run up and down our driveway doing jumping jacks, deep breathing, lunges, etc. to make sure we stay sane even in the bitter cold! :) We've enjoyed board games, slam dunk and 3 point competitions on our indoor hoop! And bonus for me, there's been no rushing!! I haven't felt the need to put on make-up. Nobody has been forced to get dressed, and when they did to go outside, they came back in and put on jammies! We've had leisurely breakfasts and lunches and even designated reading time! I even let them play the Wii a smidge today! I have loved these past few days!! And my littles have too!!

So thankful for this icy blessing!!


Unknown said...

Did you really not know how long it had been since you posted??? I did. Had to move from counting the minutes to counting the hours to counting the days since your last blog.

And...words should be art too! Just sayin'.

Your number 1 fan.

Anonymous said...

Yay, for enjoying your family at home with (*gasp*) FREE time! (And structured free time too!)
I loved chad's adoring comment too
-Jenni Blodgett


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