Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar night (and back by popular demand. . .)

Pop quiz. . .what's today? No, not Sunday. I mean, it is Sunday, but what comes on tv tonight?? Anyone?? The Oscars. Or, the Academy Awards. Aka--my favorite tv night of the year!!! Pre-kiddos, every year this day/night came around, I was glued to the tv from 2pm-1am absorbing it all. I love movies. Love the artistic side, the critical side, the imaginative side, the emotional side, almost all of the sides of movies. I love the glitz and glamour and as my friend Bec likes to say, I love "watching pretty people do pretty things!"

Last year my sweet sister wrote me a poem for my Oscar night, or my "Christmas" as she likes to call it. It was quite brilliant, so I posted it here. Just today, she sent me my poem for this year, to get all pumped up for my vegging this evening (right now). Once again, I have to share. . .thanks Mary, you rock!! And the winner is. . . .

My Biffer’s Favorite Time of the Year
Written by: Mary Buchas ---MY sister (and a small edit by me)

(To the Tune of: “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”)

It’s my Biffs favorite time of the year

With the red carpet rolling

And big stars a-strolling in designer gear

It’s my Biffs favorite time of the year

She’s the hap-happiest person of all

With Ryan Seacrest a-speaking, Miss Rivers critiquing

When a dress is too small

Biff’s the hap-happiest person of all.

James and Anne will be hosting

Biffer will be toasting

A glass of wine during the show

An award for the Kings Speech

A schoolgirl like screech when

The popcorn is ready to go

It’s my Biffs favorite time of the year

There’ll be Colin accepting

And Biffer expecting

To see her Tommy dear

It’s my Biffs favorite time of the year

Will Facebook be awarded?

Inception be thwarted?

Was Portman really the bomb?

Could Black Swan really win it?

(Even if it’s really weird

Watching it next to your Mom)

It’s my Biffs favorite time of the year

Whoa is that Bellatrix?

I hope all of my picks

Are the top of the tier.

It’s my Biffs favorite time…

I’m sick of writing this rhyme

Lindsay Lohan commited a crime

It’s Oscar night time…for the 83rd year!


Anonymous said...

Nice job BIL. Congrats Lindley, and Charlie...and me; for rocking 9 of 10 picks in last night's Oscars for the big win.


Anonymous said...

Love the new title and header! Ready for the next post.


Anonymous said...

We weren't here to enjoy the Oscar's night but were in Cabo and saw it there (in Spanish). Definitely different...ha ha Yes, Congrats to Lindley, Chad and Dad on your three way tie! Loved the poem that Mary wrote. She's so creative and wish we had all been together to see what she would have come up for dinner and a menu, this year! Love, Mom


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