Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ode to the Oscars

Once again,  it's time for my fave night on tv! It's Oscar time!!! As some of you know, I've spent years and years, we're talking 20 something years watching the Oscars--which obviously means I've been watching since I was 5 ;) ! Anyway, I used to be able to sit and watch E! all day long on Oscar day/night! Now, with kiddos, I don't quite have the time to devote live, but don't worry, I tape all of the Red Carpet on E! and other stations and peruse through later! I will be glued to the tv once the kiddos are asleep (thank goodness for the DVR)! Can't wait! I just LOVE movies!!!

And, I have such an amazingly creative sister, (who also knows and has experienced my pure excitement of the Academy Awards for many years) who for the past several years has spent precious time creating an Ode to the Oscars for her Biffer--that's me. She is just too good not to share. . .Oh, and since she and I call the Oscars my "Christmas", she always makes her ode to the tune of a Christmas song. Here's Oscar Wonderland (sing Winter Wonderland in your head---she already called me today to debut her poem)!

Oscar Wonderland
Red carpet rolled, are you tuned in?
My Biff is pumped, to see who will win
A beautiful sight,
She’s giddy tonight
Watchin’ all the Oscar Wonderland

In the microwave, is the popcorn
For Best Actress – I think that I’m torn?
Viola or Glenn?
Or will Meryl win?
Watchin’ all the Oscar Wonderland

The next award up is best picture
Presented by none other than Tom Cruise
He’ll say “Are you married?”
Biff’ll say: “Um sure I am?”
But you are still my favorite
That’s the truth! (Seriously)

Later on, in the award show
The Ides of March and maybe Hugo
Will win a gold dude
Biff’s in a popcorn mood
Watchin’ all the Oscar Wonderland.

On the red carpet is George Clooney
And he is talking with Brad Pitt
In their dapper tuxes by Armani
Joan Rivers says “Oh Dahling what a fit!”

The 84th show, ain’t it thrilling?
My Biff is crazed, no time for chilling
She'll squeal and she’ll smile, like a hyper child
She’s watchin’ all the Oscar Wonderland.

Touch the remote if you want to lose a hand
She’s watchin’ all the Oscar Wonderland


Anonymous said...

Yes, Lindley you won the family Oscar night...Congrats. You would have beat Biefus (Commercial Appeal) if you had the time to submit!! Sorry but you're still the winner of the family pool for Oscar Night!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait - I forgot to mention what a fabulous poem Mary wrote. Hope you're keeping these from year to year!! Very creative, love you

Anonymous said...

Great new header! Now let's go get those blogs!



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