Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a lovey very loved

3 years ago, I wrote a post on Bun-Bun, Luke's beloved lovey. I did it for a couple of reasons. One, so we could always remember his devotion to Bun-Bun and because at the time, and still in the present, we think of Bun-Bun as a bunny. However, if you go back and read this post, you will see that in fact, it seems, that he may have been a doggy all along.

This brings me to our Charlie's beloved lovey. Before I continue, just take a look at this picture. . .

Do you know what animal this is? This is Charlie's "Froggy". As you can tell, he has been loved LOTS and lots by little Chuckles. Charlie's, Mimi, (because I can't sew or knit a stitch) has performed 2 arms surgeries, a back and a tummy surgery on little Froggy and he's still hanging on. Although, if you look closely, you can see he made need surgery on his face, and that may do him in.

See as Charlie loves on Froggy, he also tends to pick at a spot loose and rub his fingers on a piece of yarn, until it's completely worn out. Charlie has had this Froggy since he was born---a gift brought to him in the hospital and Froggy goes wherever he goes. During the times when Froggy has had "surgery", well, it wasn't fun at our house. A lot of crying and screaming and "but Froggy will be sad without me" and "I can't sleep without Froggy!" Heartbreaking indeed! But somewhere over a year ago, when we realized Froggy might not last, I got online and bought another Froggy. This was before Froggy's arms were amputated and prior to stomach and back surgery too. However, he was dubbed "New Froggy" immediately. There was no getting by Charlie. He knew which was his Froggy and which was the newbie in the house and New Froggy wasn't taking Froggy's place. Here's a recent picture of New Froggy and Froggy. Obviously, there is a noticeable difference at this point, but at least you can see what Froggy once looked like. . .

I adore that my little boys have loveys. I think it is precious the comfort that Charlie feels from Froggy. That he considers Froggy his buddy and that he gives Froggy feelings is endearing. Charlie hasn't once asked us about whether he will always have Froggy. He just knows he will! I love that though he's almost 4 years old, he can never imagine a day without his Froggy. Neither can I!

We love you Charlie and we love Froggy too!

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Aunt Mary! said...

Awww, sweet careful about too much plastic surgery, he could end up looking like Joan Rivers!


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