Tuesday, January 15, 2013

oh little Baby Way! an update. . .

I promised an update on Baby Way and here it is!! So many people ask how he's doing and check in on him--we are so thankful!

Baby Way is fantastic! He's babbling and cooing up a storm--particularly when he has a wet diaper or just wants to be noticed in all the chaos going on around him! :) He's always smiling most when I go to put him down for a nap or bed and it makes me want to cuddle him forever and forget naps, but we all know what would happen if we tossed sleep to the wind! He had a problem for a couple of months with waking too early due to dirty or ultra wet diapers. It wasn't fun for him, or for Mommy and Daddy. Seems the past few nights he's done okay. Keeping our fingers crossed! I think his recent addition of oatmeal cereal for breakfast has helped! He eats it right up--even thicker amounts only a week and a half into it! We were told early on that babies with Down syndrome are prone to having problems with sucking and/or eating. Obviously, it's early on in his life, but was our best nurser out of our 4 boys and he's better so far with his oatmeal than the other boys were too. No big deal either way, just something I am thankful for!

Lukey wanted to help give Baby Way his very first bites of solid food--oatmeal!

Baby Way is busy too! He is getting physical therapy, occupational therapy and developmental therapy every week to every other week depending on the therapy. Soon, speech therapy will be added too! Why all of these therapies? Well, babies with Down syndrome (remember how I mentioned the people first language here?) are likely to have delays in certain developmental areas, so they are provided with these services via the federal law, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Early intervention is designed to help babies development and research has proven how helpful it can be! Right now, thankfully, we are getting his therapy at home--convenience-wise, it's just lots easier (especially since I have Miles at home with us almost every day too)! At some point, we may venture out if we choose a different program to use. I'm about 75% satisfied with the services we are receiving, so we will see!

Things we are working on with Baby Way right now. . .
--tummy time (lots of it) because this strengthens his core muscles, which basically helps do everything he's supposed to do now and in the future
--getting him to try and reach for things and grasp items
--laying him on his back for playtime also helps his core because of his kicking and hopefully eventually rolling from his back to his tummy
--helping him try to sit unassisted---we are far from this, but working on it by holding his hands out in front of him, while he's facing us, helps the core too
--basically, anything that helps strengthens his core, we are working on! (I think I need to work on my core too!!!!)

He's now 5 months old, but I'm not sure I ever posted his 4 month pic, so here are both!

It is really hard to capture his smiles on camera, but they do happen. We finally got a laugh out of him when he turned 5 months. SUPER. Big. Happy! Moment for Mommy!! Here's a smile--a tad blurry from my phone, but we were hanging by our window watching some rain fall and he sure does love special attention!

Oh Baby Way!!!! How we love you so!!!!!! You are growing so quickly--I want to soak you in, our last little angel! I am beyond thankful for you!!


Lauren said...

he's beautiful lindley, and i love his smile.

Amy said...

Way is just so darn cute! Can't wait to meet him in a couple weeks! Yay!

Ashley said...

Cannot believe he's 5 months old already! Love his little smile. -And I loved your previous post too...real and encouraging. Just what I need! Thank you :)

Brittany said...

He is so precious! You are doing a great job mommy! You were picked especially for baby Way bc God knew you would be the perfect mommy for him!

Suzanne said...

What a perfectly perfect angel baby! Oh I could eat him up!!!! Bring him to see us!
Suzanne, clay Murphy and madden

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, babe.

Aunt Mary! said...

Ugh, so stinking cute. Love you Baby Way-by!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the stories and moments shared in each precious angel you care for. It helps those of far away feel closer. Your "Littliest Angel" is so very cute. Even in black and white I can see his smile lights-up the room and me too!

He is also blessed to have such a great mom & dad.

All our love Nanna & Poppy

Anonymous said...

Am finally catching up on your blog. Am so glad Chad continues to encourage you to keep this going. It's priceless!! Love seeing Luke feed his baby brother. So sweet. Cute 4 & 5 month pictures and the smile on Ways little face just makes me smile. We're at the lake missing all of your dearly. Hugs - Mimi


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