Friday, January 18, 2013

FYI Friday--fiction books

I'm pretty positive I haven't read a fiction book since last February, when I read The Hunger Games. I never followed up with book 2 or book 3 after that, not because I didn't thoroughly enjoy the book, but because I needed a break from the intensity and because I was moving, having a baby--you've heard it over and over by now. Ahem. I did, though, pour quickly through Bloom by Kelle Hampton (after reading The Hunger Games) and I really liked it. It resonated with me, particularly because I knew we were having a baby with Down syndrome, but also because I like her writing and her photography and read her blog! **My great aunt also read Bloom, but it was a touch racy--too many curse words for her! But if you can get past that, it's a touching, cry your eyes out, but inspiring and encouraging story!

Anyway, these books are ones I'm hoping to tackle this year. Take a look.

May be a little on the heavy side, a light one or two in the mix, but no fiction. Zero. Although, I will have a fiction book to add to my list in September, when my talented cousin, Jody Casella, releases her very first book, Thin Space, a young adult novel that I can't wait to read! I thought Jody was the coolest, growing up! She was so smart, knew everything about literature, hilarious, let me visit her in her college dorm and would play Barbies with me anytime! She even wrote and illustrated a book for me using my toys as the main characters. And now, all grown up, we even have our oldest boys sharing October birthdays, only 12 years apart! So happy for her that her first book is on the way!

But back to it! I need some fiction suggestions. . .anyone?? What are you reading? Help!


Anonymous said...

Child 44 is pretty good so far, but it's not a gentle book.

Nothing else on my fiction list that you would want to read - except, maybe, Uncle Tom's Cabin. Though I figured you weren't looking for too many repeats, I noticed you had 1000 Gifts which you have read a few times already. So, there's a second one.


EBW said...

LOVED "Love and Respect" - top 10 list of all time.

Aunt Mary! said...

"The Meaning of Marriage" was awesome...glad it's on the list. And of course I recommend finishing the HG trilogy...

Jody Casella said...

Lindley, You're so sweet! I don't even remember that lego story, but I do remember you coming to visit me at Rhodes! You were the little sis I never had and I'm in awe of the amazing woman and mom you've grown up to be.


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