Friday, January 25, 2013

snow love

All out of brain power for an FYI Friday, but thinking about friends who are in the bitter cold and getting lots of snow! We've had one day of snow this winter--the day after Christmas. Not sure I ever posted, so in case more snow never comes (a very sad thought for this super snow lover), I'll post some pics now! Oh, and if we don't get anymore snow this season, it's all because I bought my boys some snow boots this year. I probably jinxed us! Boo.

Baby Way's first snow and Christmas lights!

Charlie is frigid, but Luke is loving eating the snow!

Love Miles' smile here---just following big bro and having a blast, until he takes off his gloves and plays with the snow----major meltdown after that! :)


Anonymous said...

I think we now have 4 pics of 4 "babies" with snow. Don't you want to post them all in a collage or side by side or something titling it "4 First Snows"?

Just a thought Mr. Fox.


Anonymous said...

Great picture of Chad and the blue with the white snow behind them. Handsome dad and son! Luke is just like his Mommy in the snow (eating it, playing and just loving to see it snow). Poor little Charlie - looks so cold and Miles looks like he is having a blast. Of course, we can't see the melt down! ha ha Poor little thing. Love, Mimi


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