Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy 8th birthday, Lukey!

And with all the Disney catch up, I realized that Luke's 8th birthday (which was back in October and fell on the day we left Disney) hadn't been covered either!

Well, to say Jedi Academy Training had an impact on Luke would be an understatement! He came back dreaming big of a Star Wars party for his birthday, and that's we he had!

We gathered up some friends and hosted a Jedi Training Academy of our own! I asked Hubby if he thought he could handle the activities and I worked on the other parts. He just has a mind for what boys like---guess it helps that he's one too!

He led the young Padawans in a Star Wars trivia game. They had a great time guessing answers, even if those of us who had seen the movie didn't know all the answers!

And because it was a training academy, (we made light sabers ahead of time--so easy with pool noodles, electric tape and duct tape) the boys were also led in Jedi moves, should they ever have to face Darth Vader. . .

And they practiced their moves on each other. . .

Darth Vader does appear!!!

Everyone was eager to duel Darth Vader!

Once each child fought Vader, he asked the child if he wanted to join the Dark Side. (Only 3 of them said yes. Ha!) Our brave Lukey stayed a true Jedi and fought hard!!

And little bro wanted in the action too!

And finally, after all the lightsaber battling going on, the Jedi's needed to refuel with some cake!

After the party, Luke said this was his favorite party ever! Ahhh! Sweet words to parents' ears!

Luke and his buddy Thomas--true Star Wars fans!

And my light-saber battling, Star Wars loving, defenders of good and defeaters of evil tough boys!

Sweet Lukey--oh how we love you!! Our firstborn with a desire to obey and love, you are sensitive and caring, yet with a desire to be strong and tough! We love how you are figuring out who you are right now, and we are praying everyday that you will know Whose you are! You are a wonderful big brother--playing with Charlie, encouraging Miles and supporting Way, all the while loving all of them! What an example you are! Your mind is constantly working and we know the Lord will be using that in your future, as He is right now! Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you, not for what you do, but because of who you are! We can never love you more and we will never love you less! You are a true blessing and gift to us, Luke! We love you so much!!! 
Happy 8th Birthday!

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Unknown said...

Aaahhh...look at those Padawans taking this all very seriously. I sense that there is a strengthening in the force.


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