Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 5: Magic Kingdom and wrap up!

Day 5: Magic Kingdom and wrap up!

Oh, how excited we were to be back in Magic Kingdom, but oh how sad we were knowing it was our last day to be there! We made the most of our day by hitting our favorite rides and going on them over and over again!

One new ride/entertainment venue we wanted to hit, because it is fairly new and came highly recommended was Enchanted Tales with Belle (aka Belle's story time) and Beasts' castle! We used our Fast Pass for this and were taken to Belle's cottage to explore and then became part of the Beauty and the Beast story. I was thrilled, of course, being with Belle and being told the story. Secretly, I was hoping to be chosen to be a part of the play, but alas, Hubby and Charlie were chosen, and a great job they did! Hubby was asked to be the knight protecting the castle. . .

 And when the story was over, my boys were able to get a picture with Belle, much to their dismay, and Charlie had to go "ninja style" just to show he was boy enough! ;)

After the story, Charlie and I waited in line for lunch at Be Our Guest in the Beasts' castle, while Chad and Luke ran to Space Mountain. Now the Beast, Charlie can get into. . .!

The Be Our Guest dining experience was really cool! There are three rooms in which you can choose to eat and it's just beautiful! Not sure if we all chose the wrong food items, but the food wasn't spectacular. I did see several items on the menu I was excited about, so I do think I should have chosen differently. But, I'd say my Tip #12 would be to go to Be Our Guest. It's new and worth it, if you like Beauty and the Beast, which we all do! And, our family photo in front of the famous window---we weren't quite ready. . .check C's face!! :)

And once again, we were off to ride more rides and explore more places! We did take a quick rest break that day and headed back to chill in our room before our early dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe over at the Wilderness Lodge. The dinner came highly recommended, but it wasn't our cup of tea. None of us are into canyons and cowboys, although we did enjoy being brought 25 bottles of ketchup by other guests when we asked for ketchup! The food was decent, but we were just ready to get back to the Magic Kingdom!

Technically his 8th birthday was the next day, the day we left Disney, but everyone who was celebrating a birthday in the surrounding weeks wore a button like this. The people at Disney are awesome! They are trained to spot that button and Luke was wished a Happy Birthday a hundred times!!!

Ohhhh how much fun our last day was! We rode Splash Mountain again and got stuck on it! So fun! And we rode Thunder Mountain Railroad at night 3x in a row! It was a blast!!!! Tip #13--bring glow sticks, bracelets, you name it with you. You can buy them at the park for a small fortune, or you can buy some at the Dollar store ahead of time and bring them with you to the park!! It's super fun to glow at night at the park!! 

We whooped and hollered on this ride like crazy!! It was awesome at night and 3x in a row!!!

We finished up with the Many Adventures of Pooh, Under the Sea and of course It's a Small World!

And the farewell, when leaving Magic Kingdom for the last time. I'd be lying if I said no one cried. Some of us shed tears---not bratty-I-don't-want-to-go tears, but sweet-we-had-the-BEST-time tears!

There hasn't been a day in the last month and a half that we haven't talked about Disney World. It was glorious!! Everything we dreamed of and more! We all want to go back tomorrow! We all can't wait to take Miles and Way with us!!! 

We left on Luke's 8th birthday, but not until the evening. We were able to catch a quick breakfast with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin, who happened to fly in for a wedding that weekend, so that was a fun treat! We also, as tradition in our house has it, arranged to have balloons for Luke to wake up to! Thanks, Honey!

We rode a bus over to Downtown Disney for a birthday lunch and some shopping! We ate at T-Rex and Luke was instantly into Dinosaurs. He picked out his special gift, later named Wings, a dino he built---similar to Build a Bear, but it was build-a-dino! 

And Charlie picked out. . .Pluto!

I now have a post to write for Luke's birthday as well! Sheesh! I just got behind with this trip looming over me. I just wanted to do it justice---though I really can't. We had an amazing time!! I know there are so many tips I left off, but I'm so very happy to share any and everything with any of you! Just ask--especially if you've never been and are heading to Disney!

Good-bye Disney World! Thank you for the memories we will keep in our hearts forever! And now let's all sing, It's a Small World After All. . .!!!

Follow our stories, photos and tips over the course of our 5 days at Disney. . .

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Unknown said...

Awesome last day! And, apparently,you're husband didn't change clothes between the last day at Disney and L's birthday part 2 weeks later...scary.


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