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Day 2: Animal Kingom!

Day 2: Animal Kingdom

After very little sleep the night before our first day at Disney, and then a full day of Disney, well, we were sleepy Day 2. Some of us didn't show it much, but some of us (Chuckles) was plum tuckered out! Thankfully, we didn't have to arrive at Animal Kingdom at the crack of dawn, but we still got started, because who doesn't want to make the most of any day at Disney??

Our first stop was the Kilimanjaro Safaris! We climbed aboard a jeep and kept our eyes peeled for animals of all sorts! We were not disappointed! Giraffes, elephants, hippos, lions, crocs, wart hogs, you name it, we saw it---if it lives in the savannah!

After the safari we explored, grabbed lunch, and found some other rides. We were determined to use our Fast Pass on Expedition Everest, but since Charlie didn't meet the height requirements, we had to take advantage of the Parent Swap. Tip #4--if you are at Disney, at any park, they have a safety plan to ensure all who want to ride, can! For example, because Chad, Luke and I wanted to ride Expedition Everest, but Charlie couldn't ride, we all four walked up to the Fast Pass line entrance and asked to do a Parent Swap. So, Luke and I were able to ride Expedition Everest first, while Chad and Charlie hung out. Once we were finished, we walked off the ride, found Chad and Charlie at the exit, with the Parent Swap ticket, and Chad and Luke were able to go! Bonus for Luke, getting to ride twice, but bonus for the parents, who were still both able to ride!

Right before the ride, Luke asked me, "Will it scare my pants off, Mom?" Precious!! We loved it, and he survived!! And, how did Charlie feel about not going on it? He wasn't too disappointed, because he was able to suck down some ice cold water while we waited---it was hot that day at Animal Kingdom!

We also went on the Dinosaur ride---one that touted how dark and potentially scary it could be. So, Charlie, opted out of this ride too and we Parent Swapped again. I failed to mention this on Day 1, but Charlie was frightened on the Haunted Mansion ride at Magic Kingdom. After the ride he declared he didn't want to go on anymore dark or scary rides. So, when Luke wanted to ride Dinosaur, Charlie and I rode a much friendlier version of Dinosaur----Triceratops Spin. He was thrilled!! Oh, and it helped that we ran into his newest and fave buddy, Pluto!

Tip #5-- if you make it to Animal Kingdom, you must see Festival of the Lion King! What a fantastic production! Not like the Broadway version, but so good and fun for kiddos! This is where Charlie was in his element! He was looking at the huge moving animals and talking to them, clapping with them, beaming and just in love with it all!!

We did more venturing and met Rafiki from the Lion King as well!

And once again, we just had to find our snack for the day! Charlie couldn't pass up the chocolate Mickey ears! They are hard to resist, but so is this face! :)

Highlights of Animal Kingdom: Festival of the Lion King, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur and meeting Rafiki!

AND then, we had dinner reservations back at our resort for Chef Mickey's!! And it turns out, our definite favorite meal of the trip! Tip #6 --Get reservations for Chef Mickey's character dining meal!!
The food was wonderful--buffet style--not usually my favorite choice, but there was something for everyone and lots of it! But the bonus, was of course, meeting Mickey and Co!

My photos came out terribly here, this was my only decent shot! But, I can promise you, the boys LOVED every minute of these characters!! Pluto and Donald became favorites of Charlie and Luke respectively. The boys kept telling us that they didn't really know the characters (except Mickey, because who doesn't know Mickey with the massive marketing out there) before we came on the trip. Even the first day, they kept asking which one Goofy was and which one Pluto was! But by Day 2, our two little ones were Disney's newest and best fans!! And though I've always been a fan (which began when I was 6), their Daddy became a fan too! :)

Day 3: Hollywood Studios is on it's way, but if you missed it, Day 1: Magic Kingdom is here!

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So much fun!!! At home cheering on our Bears. Praying they can pull this game off in the end!


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