Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 4: Epcot!

Day 4: Epcot!

You often hear that Epcot is a park for adults. We completely disagree! Tip #9 --If you go to Disney World, visit Epcot!! Our children had a wonderful time and so did we! It was a packed day and if we'd had more time, we would've come back! There is so much to do!

For starters, the rides Test Track and Soarin' were HUGE hits for our family! So I'm going to Tip #10 them. Make sure to ride these rides. Because this isn't a park with tons of rides, these two rides were more popular. If you can, Fast Pass them! We actually were able to ride Test Track twice, which was cool, because you get to design your own car and then test-ride it---so Chad and I were able to design one each with both boys!

Another really exciting activity for the boys was a spy mission with secret agent Perry the Platypus! The boys were given a cell phone as they signed up for the mission. Their mission was in the country of England, so we went around, stealthily as spies, uncovering clues and trying to stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz from defeating the world! The boys really enjoyed being spies! Note their intriguing spy faces! :) Oh, and they are appropriately wearing their Perry shirts for this day! So excited!!

And while on our mission to help Perry, we came across these guys from the Hundred Acre Wood. Couldn't pass up a family photo here! We love Winnie the Pooh and friends! Charlie was adorable when we walked up to Pooh. He said, "Pooh, have you been eating your honey?" Pooh of course rubbed his tummy and laughed and gave Charlie a high-five. Just precious. And as we were leaving, both boys, encouraged Pooh to remember to eat more honey! Loved this spot!

 Before we went to the World Showcase, we had lunch in Future World, at The Coral Reef. The restaurant was an indoor aquarium where we sat and watched sharks, sting rays, fish and turtles swim by. Great idea, but our service was terrible. The food was good, but the boys loved the dessert the most. Go figure!

And then, like you do in Epcot, we went to the World Showcase and walked around to all the different countries! We enjoyed stepping into stores and tasting foods and drinks and I just wish we had more time to peruse! The boys were excited to once again meet Donald in Mexico, too! We ate our Quick service dinner at Tangierine Cafe, a Mediterranean restaurant, and it was delish! I'm guessing most places in the World Showcase were.

It was a big day and we were tuckered by the end of it, but we couldnt miss the night ending firework show--pretty cool! Tip #11 --You can't go to Disney without staying for firework shows!!

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Unknown said...

Epcot was great, but the crowd was different. We got a lot of "looks" when the boys were chasing eachother around.

We loved it, but, it's completely okay to be a kid at the other parks - it was just partially okay to be a kid here.


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