Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goooooall!!! Soccer recap!

And I'm thinking I'll be done with playing catch up now and back to life that's happening now, right after I share Charlie's soccer season!!

Last year, Charlie played soccer for the first time. It was quite entertaining as he and his teammates figured out how to the play the game! This year, as a Kindergartner and still playing for our church, he was eager to play again and it quickly became his favorite sport!

Charlie was nicknamed "Charlie Hustle" by his coach because that's what this kid did! Hustle!! He kept his eye on the ball and made moves to get to it!! There he is, #3, running by in a blur!!

His brothers were big fans, even if they look a bit-distracted. . .

Charlie wasn't a huge fan of playing goalie, nor was he a fan of sitting out! He always wanted to be in the game---unless he needed Gatorade in the early games when it was blazing hot! Here he is lamenting the fact that others need a turn in the game too. . .

And it's always great to have several buddies on your team! His parents agree--we enjoyed hanging with our friends on Friday nights this fall too!

Charlie---way to rock the soccer field! Right now, you don't want to be anything when you grow up, except a soccer player. Sounds good to us, Chuckles! So glad you are having fun!

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Unknown said...

I love this! I wish you would do 4 posts every day. Great pic of C&B at the end.


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