Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas book favorites {a guest post at One Fun Mom} and giving thanks!

Now that the Christmas season is underway, it's time for cold weather, warm fires, and a favorite part of the season for us. . .cuddling up together with our favorite Christmas books!

I'm over at One Fun Mom today sharing my family's Top 6 Christmas Books! So, pop on over, find a new book to add to your collection and share in the comments a favorite of yours!

But, before we say goodbye to November and the Thanksgiving season. . .we just returned from the lake, having had a sweet time with Mimi, Grandpa, Aunt Mary, Uncle Kevin, extended family and friends! We played games, had block wars, roasted marshmallows and made smores, watched college football, ate yummy food and gave thanks to the Lord!

This Thanksgiving we were thankful for. . .

our boys, sunlight, playing trains, Disney World, rain, Fall, our house, our church, Native Americans, praise and worship music, lovies to sleep with and comfort us, modern appliances, the ocean, music to sing and play and listen to, date nights, God's Word, yummy food, warm clothes, warm food, recess, my family, coloring and painting, Star Wars and Mario, my friends, time to play outside, that Jesus died for us on the cross, my brothers, my Hubby, warm tea, fires in the fireplace, sleeping children, God's beauty, teachers who love our boys, our extended family, schools, soccer and sports, bear blankies, sweet friends who love us, doctors and medicines, special treats, Way's therapists, support and people who encourage him, family time, and so much more!

We are blessed and are filled with thanks! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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