Monday, December 14, 2015

wait. back up.

Gotta go back and cover a couple of things before we finish out the year and the Christmas season. Heavenly days. I did no justice to Fall at all!!

And in the Fall, we have 2 special birthdays! Cannot forget those!

Up first, Milesy-Smilesy. He turned 5 back in September! The big 5! Oh, sure, when they are little it seems like every year older is such a big deal. And it is. But 5!!! I truly think going from 4 to 5 is the most noticeable difference in all the ages we've had so far. 5 is big boy! Cue the smiles and excitement and maybe a little of the tears from this Momma! ;)

This is how our little Milesy-Smilesy wakes up. Typically. Sure, there are some days we all don't want to get up. But, I'd say more often than not, he wakes up the easiest and with the happiest attitude around! As always, we went into his room singing Happy Birthday and getting first-glance morning pics on his big day!

We then followed it up with breakfast at Gibson's! Because, of course! Breakfast of champions, indeed! Our little cutie is a goof-ball! Always having fun!!

And so since we started the day with donuts, why not have Chick-Fil-A with friends for lunch? And then why not have his choice of dinner (which was 5 Guys) at another super healthy establishment! Healthy, no. Yummy, yes! That sums up his big day! :)

But Miles' birthday was filled with friends and family, Abe and Walker for lunch and Mimi, Grandpa, Aunt Mary & Uncle Kevin for dinner---along with us! What a special day!

We followed his birthday with a party with the rest of his friends! He's had a pumpkin painting party for the past 3 years! He LOVES to paint and LOVES pumpkins and has asked for the same party over and over! It's easy-peasy and so much fun, so why not? I didn't get one good shot of a painted pumpkin with Miles in it, but trust us, Miles, they were beautifully and awesomely decorated pumpkins!!

Love this crazy shot!! Look at each of these faces! Priceless!!

We love you so much, Birthday Boy! You are a true blessing with your sweet heart, infectious smile and joyful attitude! You are a delight!! We pray that you will continue to be filled with a heart of compassion, show love to others and know how much you are loved by us and even more so by our Lord!!
Happy 5th Birthday, Miles!

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