Saturday, December 26, 2015


 Soccer season is now over, but what a fun ride it was this year! We had 2 boys playing soccer this fall and it was a treat! Chad and I both talked about how much fun we had being entertained by them! This was Miles' first experience at trying a sport! I think he had fun. Not completely aware of what is going on at the age of 5, but eager to get his uniform on and go out and kick the ball!! He did a great job!

Chuckles was ready to play! He's been playing a few seasons now and soccer is his thing!! He's fiercely defensive and so very fast! Charlie can weave through competitors like you've never seen and his confidence on the field grew leaps and bounds this year! Gooooalll!!

 Way to go, Miles and Charlie! We enjoyed your soccer season so very much!

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