Saturday, December 26, 2015

a final fall recap!

It truly was a fun-filled Fall! This was Way's first year to recognize and learn what a pumpkin was! Perfect, since he's such a cute little pumpkin!

 It was Miles' special JK year, so we had our first field trip together (though this was my 3rd time to attend the JK pumpkin patch field trip)! I was so excited to go with Miles! We had a blast!

  James, Miller and Miles and then Miles and Walker

Thanks for having me, Miles! I love you!

And of course, Halloween comes with pumpkins! The boys and I were so proud of Daddy carving our Baylor and "Wink" pumpkins! You did a great job, Daddy!

And this year, we had a ninja, Harry Potter, a punkin' and Spiderman! We went out trick or treating with our neighbors and had a fun evening together!

Finally to wrap up Fall in one fell swoop (or blog post). . .Thanksgiving!! Again, JK is a big year and in JK, they also have their big Thanksgiving Feast! So before Thanksgiving break, Miles invited us to his classroom where he and his friends, sang songs, told us what they had been learning about the Native Americans and Pilgrims and then served us beef stew they had made!!!
Flying Eagle, we loved the Thanksgiving Feast, and love you even more!!

Then, we were off and headed to South Carolina for Thanksgiving! This year we were particularly thankful that Chad was okay. He had just suffered a severe ear trauma incident on a plane ride to NYC. He was incapacitated for over 2 weeks suffering from hearing loss and extreme vertigo! But praise the Lord, he has been restored to full health!

It was wonderful to be together with Mimi & Grandpa and Mary and Kevin! We made s'mores, played spy outside, had a big family photo shoot, watched lots of football (even if the games ended poorly), ate and just spent time together. We are thankful!

 Happy Fall, Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! ;)

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