Monday, November 24, 2014

let's combat the anxieties that start to creep up this season

It's now officially the holiday season! You wanna know how I know this? Oh, it's not just the calendar, silly! I'll tell ya, if we lived in a hole, we would have we discovered that Thanksgiving is a few days away when the littlest littles and I went to the grocery store today and EVERYONE in Memphis was there! Holy moly! I was thinking people might not be crowding the stores until tomorrow or at least Wednesday! I was wrong.

A little disclosure. . . I'm praying that I can savor this week. This week of being thankful. Not that every week can't be a week of giving thanks, but I'm praying to push back the anxieties that pop up once the Christmas season really starts. The ones that come along when people ask if you've finished your shopping (I haven't even started mine) and if you've ordered your Christmas cards (we haven't even taken our photo). Or the anxieties that arise when you take a look at the December calendar and don't see a lot of white space or you peruse Pinterest and see all these beautiful holiday decorations but it's December 14th and you feel like the season is too far in to attempt them. You know the ones?

I've not really felt the anxiety of Christmas until we started having children, and even more so the past few years. There's so much to do now to fill up the holiday season with memories for your family. And honestly, lots of them are good things.

But I'm tired of feeling the way I have, this that I've brought on myself. Because really, what is this season all about? This last week of November I want to be full of thanks and contentment! I want to prepare my heart for the Advent season. The coming of Christ!

The magic of Christmas is coming soon, but this week I want to look for joy and hope and love . . . all while giving thanks to the Lord and being content in Him! Are we all in agreement?! 
Here's to being thanks-filled!


Unknown said...

Yes. I am also thankful for your posts - though I know that's not really the gratitude we're celebrating....

Unknown said...
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