Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why I am able to slowly embrace change (even during the holidays)

Picture this. I'm driving the boys to school this morning (all 4 of them go today). It's gray and foggy and misty and cold. A perfect winter morning, if you ask me. Well, maybe not perfect. Perfect would mean there was snow on the ground. But it was as close to perfect as you can get in Memphis. It doesn't snow a lot here.

So we're on our way and rounding a curve when my 6 year old mentions that if he had to choose between one of two Christmas activities to do as a family, he'd choose the one we haven't ever done. My response was, "Really? Not the one we've known and loved for years now?" And my 9 year old's response was the same as mine, "What? We've been doing this since I was born. I would totally choose this over that! Why would you choose, that?" To which our 6 year old replied, "Because I haven't ever done "that" and I want to know which one is better!"

And as he is answering, one of my very favorite Christmas songs comes on. Christmas Canon. If you don't know it, look it up and download it! Even better, look it up now and read this post as you listen. You'll transport yourself to my car this morning.

It was just an Aha! moment. I've never been a fan of change. Tradition continues because it has always been. Why change? Why risk? Why change something that is good? But recently, over the past couple of years, I'm starting to come around. My Hubby has shown me that change can be good. And now, this morning, one of my offspring was suggesting this same thing, just like his daddy.

But while I still struggle some, particularly during the holidays (over the past week or so, envisioning the holidays differently than my Hubby has been challenging), this morning helped me to see and truly realize we all have visions of our holidays and none of them are quite the same. And it's okay. It's okay that mine is different than my Hubby's, than my neighbor's, than my dearest friend's, than my parents or sister or children (though most of their holiday visions are still created by us).

So long as we remember what is most important, Who is most important about this season, change is okay. Because beyond all the boxes and strings, lights, cookies, shopping, cards, etc., beyond all this, all that can change from year to year, we have One who is always the same. One who has never changed and will never change.

The Lord, Jesus, our Savior who has come to the world, is our constant. He is the only constant we will ever need!

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Unknown said...

;). Although, I think we're planning to do both "this" (Starry Nights) and "that" (Snowy Nights). So, it should work out for both!

(We had a similar discussion yesterday. I just didn't ask which one they would prefer and why!! Leave it to a great mom to really understand their hearts.)


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