Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a boy's best friend

Everyone knows that a dog is man's best friend. But before a man becomes well, a man, he's a boy. And I think we can safely say our new addition, Glory, is our little boy's newest best friend!

Meet Glory. . .

It's been 1.5 years since our first doggy has been gone. Mocha was born on our wedding day and we scooped her up 8 weeks later and brought her home. She was ours for 13 years. Although Hubby and I miss her, our boys never really knew her the way we did. Luke was 7, Charlie was barely 5, Miles was 2 and Way was not even 1 when she died.

We knew we were a dog family, but for me, it just hasn't seemed like the right time to bring home a new addition. It's pretty crazy around here keeping up with our 4 boys, much less a new puppy. So, even though Hubby and my boys kept giving me those puppy eyes, I kept saying not yet (and feeling like the bad guy).

And then my sweet friend posted a photo of her doggy's sister that needed to be adopted. In a matter of an hour, after talking to my friend, showing the pic to Chad, and calling the foster mom, we had an appt. to meet this new doggy. All 6 of us went and the 4 little ones seems thrilled! They were ready to take her home. But something inside Hubby and me, just didn't feel the same. This puppy didn't seem like the right fit for our family. So we passed.

But not even a week went by, and something inside me clicked. It was time for a doggy (like it was time for another hole in my head) (but seriously, when is there a perfect time for anything)! I began scouring our doggy rescue groups and Hubby and I began sending texts and emails about different ones we were finding. We inquired about a few, but Chad found her initially and said she'd be a perfect fit. Well, somehow, we kept landing back on her! Finally, after a couple of days, we went to meet her on adoption Saturday. We fell in love! And the rest they say. . .is history!

Glory has found her new home and we've found our new addition! She's a 4 month old rescue puppy! Past the new puppy stage, but still needing to be house-trained some. Glory is a Golden Retriever mix--they think with a Shelty. She's playful, and cuddly and soooo sweet! Our vet told us he thinks we hit the jackpot with her! All of the boys seem to love her, though Miles is still warming up (he's a smidge skittish with dogs). He runs away when she follows him, but is quick to assure us that he loves her! Charlie is having fun playing chase in the backyard with her! Way just laughs whenever she's around and signs "doggy" non-stop! And Luke, well he was smitten from the moment he saw her (and us too--just sayin)!

Some of my friends post photos of their child's journal. Mine doesn't write like that. But he was determined to come home and see to it that Glory was taken care of. . .Glory knows she has a friend in Luke!

Welcome home, Glory! You had us at hello!


Michelle Adair said...

Glory is adorable! Definitely looks like y'all hit the jackpot!

Aunt Mary! said...

I neeeeed to meet my precious flufferkin niece! And I am loving her schedule, do you think Luke could get me on a daily schedule like that?!


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