Friday, August 1, 2014

FYI Friday: Way is 2!!

And just like that he turned. . .

Do I always start birthday posts like that? Because it's true. Every year that comes 'round I am amazed how quickly time flies!

FYI, our little Waybe is 2 years old! I look at him and feel so blessed that we've had him in our arms for 2 years now! I can remember his birth story to the detail and I love it!! Isn't it nice how we can forget the pain of childbirth once a little time has gone by? Actually I remember that too, but especially love that little Way was our only boy to come on his own! Glory!!! And obviously my favorite part of the story is having him here with us!

This year of Way's life has been full! He's had tubes (again) and heart surgery and he's now scooting around and finding fascination with almost everything! He's intrigued by the dishwasher--what toddler isn't? He's also turned into a tornado and in a flash he can empty a toy box and spread its contents all across a room!

At the same time he's happy to be moving, he's still so very content staying put and even happier not to work too hard! We've had some turnover in therapists (with people moving or changing jobs) and we had a therapy break after surgery, so Way has had a little set-back. He's easy-going and laid back, and while I'm thankful for that so far, our job now as his parents and advocates is to make sure Waybe is stretching and reaching his full potential! So with a new schedule and new therapists around the corner, I'm prayerful and hopeful this next year of his life is going to be awesome and one of growth in many areas! And now a letter to Way. . .

Sweet Waybe,
We always start everyone's birthday off with a birthday photo and sing Happy Birthday. You were wondering, "What in the world is going on here?" So cute!

We had breakfast with balloons and your brothers had the best time bopping them around the house! Luke wasn't with us today, he was out of town, on his way to London (yep), but he wanted to celebrate with you yesterday! He made sure we had cupcakes yesterday too, so you've actually celebrated your 2nd birthday twice!

We kept things low-key this year, which was nice, and actually what we all needed! It's been a busy summer!  You loved us singing Happy Birthday, and let Daddy put some icing in your mouth, but that was about it. Still not wanting finger foods, quite yet!

We had fun opening presents with you, too! Your brothers were especially helpful! And once the toys were out, Miles and Charlie even taught you how to use them! And while my camera flash kept boycotting the event and some of these aren't the best quality, I think you can see that we all had fun celebrating with you, Way!

Little Waybe, you hold our hearts! There isn't a day that goes by where someone isn't trying to elicit giggles from you--and when we get those giggles, it's like we've won the most treasured prize! Not a soul likes to see you sad (which happens occasionally) and often brothers jump to turn your frown upside down! Hope you won't be too spoiled!! 

You have a few signs under your belt--"More", "All-done", "Doggy" (maybe your fave), "Car", "Bye-bye", and sometimes ball, milk and pray when you want to use them! You especially love showing us the motions to "Wheels on the Bus" and "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" so we will all spring into action and sing them right along to you! You love your Puppers (lovie) still and seeing pictures of loved ones and babies. You are learning how to blow kisses and will give and accept hugs by leaning in (and kisses too)! You are growing right before our eyes!

Way, you are a true gift from the Lord! He created you and made you perfectly! You have so many people who love you, but know your Father in Heaven loves you even more! Happy, happy 2nd birthday! Thank you for your smiles and laughter that melt us, and your unconditional love that encourages us! We love you with all our hearts! Love, Mommy (and Daddy and your brothers)


Simply LKJ said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Way!!! He is just precious. Love the boys red hair.

Anonymous said...

Way, we love you so much and love seeing the birthday pictures your Mommy posted. Wish we had been in town to help celebrate with you. You are certainly a blessing to us all and we thank God everyday for you and of course, your brothers also. Hugs and kisses, Mimi

Unknown said...

Great blog, Babe!


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