Monday, August 27, 2012

without further delay. . .Way's birth story

Chad says I've been teasing too much about writing Way's birth story and not actually writing it! Hey, it's been busy around here, ya know? But, since Way is almost 4 weeks now, maybe I should get to it--before the lack of sleep really hits us!

Oh, where to begin? Twas the night before Way's birth. . .seriously, I think it could have all begun with my trip to PF Chang's for some spicy Chinese food! I was determined to get the baby moving! With all 3 of my other babies, I was the same way--trying to do everything that I could think of to get my "movie scene" and go into labor on my own, without having to be induced. Everything short of castor oil. Wasn't interested in doing that after my friend's experience with it. Anyway, spicy food never worked before, but I tried it again, and asked for them to prepare my dish in the spiciest way possible! I ate it all up!

The next morning I headed to go get my platelet infusion, (an IV that would take 4 hours to get) because I had low blood platelets. My doctors told me I needed to get my platelets up to a safe level, so I could get an epidural and not have any bleeding issues.So, you better believe I was there! However, once I got there that morning (my Mom was keeping the kiddos), they told me that they were still approving our insurance and that they would call me in a few hours to tell me if the procedure was approved. They sent me home. I was sad that I felt like the whole day was now going to be taken up, and I couldn't be out having some last minute fun with my littles--since baby Way was coming in 2 days.

Well, once I got home, I let my Mom go and asked her to return in a couple of hours so I could go back and get my platelets. And then, less than an hour after she left, I felt my very first contraction!! First contraction, not induced, that is! It was painful! And I loved it! At first. Then, I had another about 7 minutes later. Then another, 7 minutes later. After 3 contractions, still not 100% positive they were real contractions, I was convinced to call my dr. He told me to hang on for an hour and to come on into the hospital if the pain worsened or the contractions became closer together. Well, after 30 minutes, I knew they were real. And I guessed if they were "fake" contractions, that I never, ever, wanted to feel the real thing (unless of course, I was being induced, because now I was second guessing my desire to not be induced). Yes, yes, these were painful. The I-couldn't-walk-type painful. I called my mom and told her I knew I was in labor and to come back quickly. I texted Chad, whom I knew was in a meeting and said "I think I'm in labor", so as not to pressure him from leaving a meeting. Well, Chad ended up beating my mom home (he must have driven like he was on a race course). By the time he was home, I was doubled over in pain, wondering where in the world my mom was! OH, and I still hadn't packed my hospital bag!!! Remember my last post before Way arrived?? I called a friend and asked what to pack, threw in a few things, said quick goodbyes to our kiddos, and headed to the hospital once my mom showed up!

And that's where the fun really began! Or not! :) Once signed in, I had to walk back to triage, because they didn't have a room in labor and delivery for me yet. But, since my contractions were so strong, and I was still doubled over in pain, that was quite interesting. Poor Chad and his hands. They must have been purple, from my squeezing! But, that was nothing. . .After I was evaluated, they told me I was 4 cm. Cool. This baby was working his way out!! One thing that always bugged me about being induced, was that we would go in at 6 in the morning and I wouldn't have a baby until after 4 or 5 or 7 at night! It took ALL day long! Well, now it was noon and my contractions only started at 10:30! Hooray! Then, the nurse told me that they located my platelets at a LifeBlood in town and it would take an hour to get them to me and 30 minutes to get them in me. I thought that was great! Until, my contractions started getting worse and a little closer together. I was needing an epidural, and I let them know! Problem was though, oh yeah, that I didn't have my platelets yet. I don't think it was really hitting me that was the reason I still didn't have my epidural. I thought they were just being safe-safe. But as I progressed and was in more pain, and the pain meds they gave me to "take the edge off" weren't doing a blasted thing, Chad became aware I wasn't getting my OHHHH so desired epidural. Or maybe it was when I told the nurses that I needed my dr. NOW (they found him pretty quickly!) and I heard him, somewhere in my foggy land of pain I was living in, tell Chad I wasn't getting an epidural. Not because I had progressed too far, but because I didn't have my platelets up to a safe level, all because I never got my infusion!! I was still begging for an epidural in between my tears and fears that I couldn't birth this baby if I didn't have one. And I remember when Chad, in a gentle, assuring voice, told me that I wasn't getting the epidural, but that I was going to make it. I didn't believe him, but I needed him for sure. I also remember my dr., whom I think is amazing, tell me the same thing, and I thought, "What the heck do you know?" Same thing from both of them, but different feelings toward each of them! Ha!!  I was screaming in pain and crying and telling Chad I didn't want to have ugly words fly out of my mouth. And they didn't---just things like "I am going to die" came out---and it was just like the movie scene---only my desired movie scene involved me having contractions on my own, rushing to the hospital and actually getting my epidural!!!! This movie scene was ending without an epidural!! The contractions were painful, but the pushing was excruciating! Chad later told me he was proud of me--not for pushing out a baby without an epidural, but for actually hurting him by squeezing his hand so hard!!! :) But he did tell me he was proud of me for birthing our baby too!

And then. . .and then. . .our newest, precious, little love from the Lord was here! Thanks be to God!!

There's lots more to add to the crazy story, that makes it crazier, but after that long journal, I'll leave it with that and this . . .

Oh, sweet baby Way!! You were worth every painful second of your delivery! Thank you for bringing me my movie scene and SO much more importantly, thank you Lord, for little Way!!! Oh, how we love you!!!


Aunt Mary! said...

You forgot to include my Wal-Mart threat, because that's CLEARLY what did it!

Hooray for Baby Way's dramatic grand entrance! Love you ALL!

Heather said...

Oh my! Sounds like my 1st and 4th! I could have told you after my 1st like that it was something that isn't that fun to repeat. With my 4th I was so very not happy about not getting an epi! So happy he is here. He is adorable! Would love to catch up sometime :)

Lauren said...

this post left me crying and laughing. you are an amazing writer lindley, and what an experience. i'm super proud of you. you did it! with no epidural! crazy. and, you have beautiful gift for it all. way is an angel from heaven!


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