Saturday, August 11, 2012

sunflowers part 1

Okay, before I dive into Way's birth story, let me back up a few days prior to his birth. Every single year since Luke has been born, we've taken pictures in our local sunflower patch. Every year they are beautiful and I just can't resist getting my littles growing up with the sunflowers! Well, this annual event takes place end of July/beginning of August. Because little Way's due date was August 3rd, I was thinking we'd try and grab pictures before he was born, since probably, we wouldn't make it after he was born.

So, the Saturday prior to Way's arrival, we headed out. Our old neighbor told me she heard the sunflowers were up and blooming, so we were ready with the camera and took off. However, upon arrival, we saw that in fact, the sunflowers were not blooming yet. Chad asked me if this annual event was about the pictures or the sunflowers. I said both!! But, I couldn't have both, so I settled for pictures anyway, and we headed off in a different direction, where I snapped some of these. . .

My 3 littles--3 days before Way was born!!

And, while I don't just love posing for pics (especially being preggo), we had to have at least 1 pic with little Way in my tummy! 

Again, I'll be back with more from Way's arrival, but we did manage to venture out to the sunflowers last night--so I have all 4 boys in the sunflowers this year after all! Hooray!!

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