Monday, March 10, 2014

Who says a family of 6 can't be spontaneous?

Last week, we had an unwelcome visitor in our house: the stomach bug.

I posted this pic on Instagram, noting that indeed, I needed to buy stock in Lysol, and had more comments than any of my other photos. Why? Well, because I have sweet, caring friends! But also, because don't we all feel pain for people who have people throwing up in their house? It's miserable for the ones sick and miserable for the ones cleaning it up. It's also no fun playing the wait and see game of who's going to get it next. Yikes!!

So, instead of just waiting around for #3 of the 6 of us to come down with the bug, we spontaneously decided to take a road trip to St Louis! We came home from church, spent 1.5 hours packing and loading the car (because gathering things for 6 people on short notice, on top of the littles still having present needs, takes time) and pulled out! I think we managed to pack everything we intended to except for coats. Which should be fine on the 70 degree days, but a little chilly on the day it might snow! Sometimes, really if I'm being honest, often, it's hard for me to be spontaneous. We have 4 littles of different ages, and I can make excuses that certain ideas will be hard. Thankfully, my husband still urges me to just go for it, and we do! So on short notice, we headed out! And road trips--we love 'em! We talked, rocked out, read, begged for snacks and watched a movie--road trip fun!

After arriving late-ish last night, we ate dinner, settled in (though it took a long time for the boys to wind down with a bunch of hee hee, haha going on) and are now off to explore a new city together!

Here's hoping St Louis can help us create new, fun memories and 
put our tummy bug memories far behind us!

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