Monday, March 17, 2014

a little St. Louis on St. Patricks!

Last night Luke and Charlie were lamenting the fact that they had to return to school today. One of them said, "I wish we just had to go to school on Saturday and Sunday and could stay home the rest of the days."

I completely understand that feeling and wish we only had 2 days of school a week as well. And that's a typical sentiment around here, especially coming off of Spring Break and lots of lovely family togetherness. None of us want it to end. And for that I am thankful!

Our spontaneous trip to St. Louis had us exploring a new city! We packed our trip full and even after 3 full days in St. Louis, we will still go back for more one of these days. After all, the Cardinals haven't started their season and Grant's Farm isn't open until April either. Those 2 things alone will bring us back! But, we did visit their zoo, and it was great (but if you haven't been to our Memphis zoo, it rocks, and is still our fave, not that we are biased)! We also dined on the Loop and the Hill and played at the Magic House, visited the Arch, enjoyed our hotel pool, room (the boys thought it was the coolest ever) and breakfast!

But, our top favorite experience was the City Museum! Never could I have imagined a place quite like this! Tunnels on the ceiling and under the ground. Tunnels up walls and outside buildings. It was incredible! We spent most of the day there and didn't get to cover half of it! Our children LOVED it and so did Hubby and I---even after we arrived with a blow-out diaper and losing children (don't worry, you WILL lose your children if you visit the City Museum, but you will find them, or they will find you, and they won't know they were even lost, and you will be all smiles)!

We ended our trip by meeting friends (who also have 4 children) from our grad school days at Indiana University for burgers and shakes and had a sweet reunion. On our trip home, we literally waved at our dear friends, the Tenents, as we passed them on the highway headed out for their adventure in St. Louis and then we made a stop at Lamberts--home of the throwed rolls. That's an experience in and of itself!

And so it's back to school for the older boys and work for Daddy, but our hearts are content! It's good to connect and spend 24 hours a day for an extended period of time. We needed it! We soaked it up! And we are thankful for Spring Break 2014: St. Louis!

And now, a Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!

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