Wednesday, March 19, 2014

so we will always remember right now. . .

My Sweet Boys--

I know that you enjoy looking through and reading my blog books that I have printed each New Year. You like to relive the memories or hear more details about some of the stories. And so I know that at some point, probably not until next January, you will read this. And while I hope that you know this, that you have heard me tell you this over and over again, I also know that at your ages 8, nearly 6, 3 and 19 months, you either don't quite understand yet, or you have so much to do and play, that you aren't eager to just sit and listen to me pour out my heart. So, I will write just a piece of my love for you down, here. So we will always remember right now.

Luke, you are my teacher. You amaze me with all that you learn and retain! This gift of learning comes naturally for you and it's wonderful to watch. And, what you learn, you are thrilled to teach. I love learning from you! But you know what? You don't just teach me marine animals or birds of prey or spy methods or books that you are immersed in, you teach me about life. When you set your mind to do something, you follow through. You dream. You genuinely care about other people's feelings and you don't want them to be hurt. Luke, you are learning how to treat people and you love them well. You accept people for who they are and you are one of the most forgiving people I know. Lukey, at 8 years old, you have so much to teach the world! I want to be more like you when I grow up! :) I love you!

Charlie, you are my encourager. I watch you work so hard at things, whether it's school, sports, etc. and I am encouraged by your determination and your heart. You will quietly and humbly (with that bashful smile) accept our praise and love, but what seems even more important to you, is showing others love. And it melts me--your ability to see when people are hurting (physically or emotionally). You never want to hurt anyone's feelings and will always offer to ride with someone so they won't be alone, or sit by someone for the same reason. You ask me how my day was and offer to help in the kitchen. You tell me that I'm doing a good job or that I look pretty! You will play with a brother who needs some love. Char, you encourage me with your ability to care for others and I love you!

Miles, you are my cheer. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious! Your energy is endless! You have never met a stranger and you have mastered the art of conversation. You are the most outwardly loving of the bunch with the hugs and kisses you give to us all. You tell me everyday, "I love being with my Mommy!" and feel the same way about your Daddy and brothers too. You smile and laugh so much that if ever you aren't smiling or laughing, I know something is wrong. Your love and compassion for others makes my heart soar! Miles, you make me happy every single day. I love you!

Way, you are my peace. When the world is crazy and sometimes I'm just too frazzled, I can snuggle you up in my arms and everything disappears. You are content and so happy. Just a smile or hello from any of us and you beam--which of course makes me beam! The simplest act of rocking you in my arms singing Twinkle, Twinkle or Jesus Loves Me is the most calming part of my day. Just kissing your cheeks and breathing you in slows my heart rate and honestly, just turns me to the Lord every time! Way, you are love, joy and peace rolled into a perfect and precious gift! I love you!

And sweet boys--always remember that the Lord made you this way. You are not self-made. You are God's design and His creation and though it's hard for your Mommy and Daddy to comprehend this, Jesus loves you even more than we do! Nothing you ever do will change that! So be confident in who you are, and Whose you are! You are all treasures to us!

--Love, Mommy


Brittany said...

Sweetest post EVER!!! Brought tears to my eyes! Blessed indeed friend!

Lauren said...

i love this! you have an amazing crew lindley - though, no surprises here - they have some really special parents!

Aunt Mary! said...

I can't blame chopping onions because I read this at work...but my eyes are all watery now.

Can you just give a BIG hug to all of the Pookers today from their Aunt Mary? Maybe leave a brick/cement block on their heads?

Suzanne said...

oh heavens momma can we please make some time to visit with our littles? I am helping with art on mondays at madonna....its heaven. I want to catch up asap. Miss you:)


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