Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the one where I whine like a baby

I love my city. I really do. Home of world-famous BBQ and Elvis. City of music, culture, faith and basketball. A city with heart.

But a city with snow, we are not. And I couldn't be more disappointed.

Do I feel like a brat when I read that people in ATL have been stuck in their cars on the highway for hours, children had to spend the night at school, and a baby was born on the side of the highway due to the horrible weather conditions, and I am still so jealous I can't see straight? Yes. Yes, I do.

But I Just. Cannot. Help It. I love snow something fierce!

So many of our friends across the US have snow right now and we haven't seen a lick. My parents, who are in South Carolina right now, even sent snow pics to us yesterday. I am beginning to think I am to blame for our city not having had snow. I didn't buy the boys snow boots this year hoping that would actually bring more snow. Seriously. It really may be possible that because I have so much of a desire to have snow, I'm actually working like a magnet with an opposing force to snow and pushing the snow away instead of towards us. You know, if it actually worked that way. But it's January 29th and now much of the deep South has snow and ice, and our little city just has the bitter cold to deal with. And dead car batteries. And I feel like I'm running out of time.

So how do I not obsess and stay away from The Weather Channel? I don't know. Nothing is working. But our new Vitamix is trying hard to compete! We stocked up on smoothie ingredients this weekend and I've been scouring Pinterest to find recipes that satisfy. The idea behind the Vitamix was to help us get healthy. Like I mentioned here, I haven't been great about taking care of me. We make sure that our children get fruit, but I rarely take time to prepare it for me or hubby. So, wouldn't it be a bonus to make some delicious, healthy smoothies for us all? Yes! But have we found one we all like? Nope. Our littles just aren't sold yet. And yes, I'm putting spinach in them, but I can't even tell. I'm thinking they can.

Anyway, our first smoothie was a Green Elvis, which included banana, peanut butter, protein powder, almond milk and spinach. It was green and yuck! I'm thinking I'm not a peanut butter smoothie type-girl. Not a hit all across the board. But give me some frozen berries and I'm good to go! And come to find out, Waybe likes berry smoothies too! Still can't seem to find one that the older 3 boys like though. Any suggestions??

And since I'm snuggled up inside with bitter cold temps and no snow (did I mention we haven't had any snow?) and I can't make smoothies all day, I might as well read (because clearly I don't have anything else to do). I've knocked out 2 books from this list and started 2 others. I totally do that. And I've added 2 or 3 or 4 to my list as well. I'm super excited that Melanie Shankle's new book, The Antelope in the Living Room, comes out Feb. 4th! Her first book, Sparkly Green Earrings, which is a memoir on motherhood, is the funniest book I've ever read! Well, her newest is a memoir on marriage and I can only imagine I'm in for more tears rolling down my cheeks from laughter and texting passages to my Biffer and friends!

Maybe Melanie will bring me some laughter and I'll stop whining like a baby about my lack of beautiful white precip (even though she got some last week down in San Antonio).
You can only hope, right?


Unknown said...

Thanks for blogging!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you didn't get any snow. You had three cousins that would have rather been at your house. They were stranded at work, at a home of people they didn't know and in a car (and she possiblly got to the church with her kids). Not trying to make you feel bad just letting you know there is still another good month of winter ahead of us. LOVE YOU SO MUCH - Mimi


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