Friday, January 31, 2014

FYI Friday: Way is 18 months!

18 months. It sounds so much better than 1 and a half. Is that why most of us still talk in "months" until our babies are 2? It's like denial for us that any of our babies will ever grow up when we speak in months. At least that's how it works with me. But then they eventually cross over the 24 month line and you no longer have a baby in your arms. Although we know they will always still be our babies.

Well, Baby Way is 18 months today! I've made this a far bigger deal in my head than it really is, so I will try to save some of the sappy for when he turns 2. But, I haven't done an update on Waybe in quite a while, so why not take advantage of this "quasi" mile-marker?! **Additionally, we had Way's 18 month dr. check up this morning and Jessica, at the front desk said, "I cannot believe Way is 18 months! Oh my goodness! I cannot get over it!!" And to that I say, "Tell me about it!!"

Where to start?

Joy. If I could sum Way up in one word, it would be joy. I can't, but it's a good place to start! Sweet Waybe is joy-filled! He lights up every room he's in! People are drawn to him. He's a magnet. Every time we are in a store, complete strangers have an instant connection with him. It is amazing to watch in action! It's something I couldn't comprehend and wouldn't have predicted when we were first told he would have Down syndrome, yet something I now completely understand. Way exudes joy!

Does that mean he's always happy? No. That's not what joy is. Joy comes from the inside. It isn't dependent on circumstances. And it turns out, there are a few circumstances where Way will make it known he's unhappy! For example, he's not a fan of finger foods yet, nor is he a fan of baths, but Daddy bathed him last night and there were no tears!! That's huge!!

There are also times when Way has to "work" and it's hard! He has therapy, whether it's OT, PT, speech or developmental therapy 4x a week for an hour each time. Most of the time he enjoys his "work", but at some point, in each therapy, he's been pushed past his limit and tells us about it!

But he's learning so much! He's babbling up a storm and through speech therapy he's now signing "more" and "all done" and with a little help he can sign "book" and "eat". We are working on "baby", "sleep", "ball" , "please" and a few others right now in speech and he loves (as in squeals and claps) watching Baby Signing Time, which is apparently now on Netflix! Way's been clapping and waving "hi" and "bye" for ages now--and he sure loves to do both! In PT and OT, he's working on maximizing his tummy time and working hard on getting on all fours, in hopes he will crawl before he walks, and he's just learned to go from lying down to sitting up on his own! Hooray! The other day I walked in on him doing just that and this is his face beaming! He's proud of himself and we are so proud of him too!

Really, Way is just busy loving life! He loves playing with his toys, going on errands, riding in the grocery cart, swinging, being with his family--everything 18 month olds love to do! And he adores his brothers! He loves laughing at his brothers, who in turn, compete to see who can make him laugh the most! Because everyone loves Waybe laughing!

He is thrilled when we walk into the room. He loves attention! Way's new favorite amusement is to get someone to echo him. He says "Ah!" and he waits for you to echo him. If you do, it's hard to tell who's won the prize! He laughs like he's won, but his laughter lets you know you really won!
One of my new favorite things Waybe is doing is craning his neck to make eye contact with us. If you are holding him and he wants you to look right at him, he will bend his body and get his face into yours and then flash that adorable smile as soon as you look into his blue eyes! I love it!!

The Lord is truly using Way in all of our lives and we are blessed! Truly blessed by this little one! And even if he's now 18 months, I'm soaking up all the ways he's still our little baby and always will be! We love you with all of our hearts, Waybe!!


Dixie said...

He is so precious!!

Anonymous said...

Hugs and kisses to this adorable little fellow!! Love you Waybe - Mimi

Anonymous said...

He is simply darling, what a cutie pie! And look at all that he is doing! Happy 18 months Way!


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