Monday, October 14, 2013

#3 turns 3! Happy Birthday Miles!

Happy 3rd Birthday Miles!

Our little Miles, you turned 3 two weeks ago! You are in a big boy bed and potty trained and have just about the sweetest heart around! You don't ask for much (except to not take a nap or go to sleep). You are so content and loving, it warms our hearts. Your name means "Heart of Compassion" and it describes you perfectly!

Our tradition of taking a birthday photo first thing in the morning captures YOU! I mean, check out your smile (and big cut/bruise from a fall at the park a week before)!! 

You love donuts, we all do, and Daddy took you to pick out donuts for everyone on your birthday morning! You were thrilled!!

You were up in the air on what you wanted for your birthday party---just not needing something specific, not knowing you could actually choose something instead of your brothers choosing things for you! :) So, we had a pumpkin painting party with some of your friends! You were so excited about painting and about your train cake you helped me pick out (since our cake lady was booked-boo)!

Pumpkin painting and popcorn with friends was lots of fun! We're so thankful for friends you love and who love you!!


You were overwhelmed with opening presents with our family later that night. You've just never really thought about getting things for you. Sure, there are times and days when you want such and such at that exact moment and we all hear about it. But usually, life doesn't revolve around "things" for you. And we are so thankful! Oh, how we try to teach you and your brothers that things of this world are not what matters---but the Lord and your heart are most important.

Miles, we love you with all of our hearts! You could not be more precious to us! Some of our favorite things you say right now are "I want to make a fork!" when you really mean fort. Every time! You call Starbucks, "Starbox" and I love it! You like to go to Starbox for cake pop treats with Mommy! You also say "broking" for broken and the way you have streams of consciousness when you talk on the phone, or just don't want us to leave your room at night. It usually begins with, "I'm hungry. Because I want some gummies. Because I didn't get to swing today. Because Way is sleeping and I love my Bubba and so on and so on. It's adorable! Plus there's more. . .
You have just discovered the Little Einsteins and love it! 
You say I'm sorry whenever you accidentally hurt anyone.
You ask if people are okay when they are hurt or sad.
You think Way is so cute and say it all the time!
You love to make Way laugh by running back and forth across the den!
You want to do things by yourself.
You sleep with Bubba, Popcorn, Pockadoodle (named by you) and now Pooh
You are our outdoorsy boy! You don't ever want to come inside!!
You love to sing!
You are Luke and Charlie's little shadow!
You love to eat cereal bars, yogurt, bananas, gummies, pizza and quesadillas!
You love going to church and school and your friends house and Target and the grocery store and Mimi and Grandpas and the beach and . . .

Miles, you just love living life!!!
Mommy and Daddy pray that you will always know how much we love you and how much Jesus loves you! Happy 3rd Birthday sweet, sweet boy!!

Not a fierce smile, but a smile that every 2-3 year old in our family adopts at this age! Gotta love it!!

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