Wednesday, October 16, 2013

it's confession time. . .

It's confession time. Maybe one day my (future) daughters-in-law will appreciate this, or at least one of these things?

1. I DVR (it's a verb now, didn't ya know?) 19 Kids and Counting. I save them for nights when Chad is out of town or has something else going on. I adore the Duggar family! Funny, quirky, real, believers and a ginormous family, their little episodes make me laugh, or like last night, make me cry, but without a doubt, they encourage me!

I'm a little behind on episodes, but the Duggars oldest son and his family, just left Arkansas and moved to DC. The Duggars drove up to help Josh and Anna unpack and move in, but then , it was time for the Duggars to return home. And that's when I lost it. Josh, the oldest son, started crying, along with his wife and his parents. They'd never lived out of the same town before. And y'all, my mind and heart went there. You know where. Straight to college--our boys leaving us.

One of our sweet babysitters, who left us this August to go to college, came over to visit yesterday while she was back in town for fall break. After she left, Luke and Charlie asked lots of questions about college--which we've talked about before. At the conclusion of our conversation, they once again decided they were not leaving town for college, but would stay here and live at home. Melt this Mommy's heart! Fine by me!

And then the episode I watched tonight, when the son does leave, just made me so teary! Because, more than likely, our boys will change their mind. and probably, it will be good for them to. (See what I did there, future daughters-in-law?)

2.We try hard to eat decently healthy around here. Though like I've said before, we aren't all organic and we do have processed foods in our pantry. But sometimes, healthy doesn't always cut it, and I choose a crowd pleaser (at least for the boys and myself) and we have a night of "smokies"! What in the world? Well, I buy a pack of the Bryan, all beef, cocktail smokies (you know the kind of little sausages that are inside of pigs and a blanket?), slice them in half and cook them in a skillet.

Yep, that's grease they are sitting in. I told you this is confession time! Once they are cooked, with a slotted spoon, I spoon them onto paper towels on a plate and pat off the grease. And then, I put the smokies onto rye bread lathered in mustard and make smoky sandwiches!! Most of the time around here, people eat what they get--I don't make meals to please everyone. I don't not make meals to please everyone either. But sometimes it happens. This meal however, is a huge hit with the boys. When they know we are having smokies, they declare it "smokies and Pandora" (usually when Daddy is out) because they love listening to our Walt Disney Pandora station! Fun meal, without complaints, for all! :)

3. I also have very overdue library books. Like, very, very overdue! Why does this happen? I mean, I know why this happens. I look at the books (every once and a while) and think, Oh! I've got to return those, and then 5 million other things pop into my head and the books never make it from our basket to my car!!! AND--we never even finished this one! But right now, I am going to grab them and put them in my car. . . Done!! All it took was for me to get it out and onto this little space!

That's all for Wednesday confession time! I know there's more, but at least dear future daughters-in-law, you can see that at one point, I was not perfect---even if I am when you read this! :) Ha!!! Oh, how I kid!!!


mrchrishill said...

19 Kids and Counting... count my bride as a loyal (but still confessing dirty secret) viewer. Get the tissues ready!

Simply LKJ said...

I can so relate to the going away to college thing. #1 did not, best for her. #2, well as you know she is 12 hours away at your Alma Mater. But, she is momma and daddy are too! Of course, she is not considering Oregon for grad school. Say what??!!!


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