Friday, October 11, 2013

FYI Friday--pumpkin quinoa dish fail and a call for help!

**We made it back from Disney last night--just shy of this morning. And like I predicted, lots of babies to cuddle and encourage and heap grace upon and already they've had to give me grace too. So I'll plan on being back fresh next week.

But, 2 things in the mean time ( I had this post already worked up--planned on posting before we left, but it didn't happen). . .First, I mentioned last week that I am now a monthly contributor over at One Fun Mom. Well this week, Christy has been posting the contributors information, (my info is up today) so you can get to know them better. I'm excited to get to know them as well!!
Second, hopefully you know I try to keep it real here. I've been super thrilled with several of my quinoa dishes lately--well all of them so far. . .(have you tried any of them?) until now. I tried this dish last week with my family and it did not work. So I need your help. . .all of us need your help. Who doesn't want a delicious pumpkin quinoa recipe in October??

Y'all, this pumpkin quinoa just didn't work for us. I didn't follow the recipe exactly (hmmm, maybe that's the problem) because I had to triple the recipe in order to feed us, so I may not have used enough pumpkin or almond milk. However, it was just bland. Hubby was encouraging and said it wasn't a disaster, and I ate it, sort of, but we didn't even have our boys finish it. Just bleck. I lined our bowls with pita chips and apples, and when we dipped the pita chips and apples into the quinoa, that helped. In fact, that's how I ate as much as I did. Chad attempted to spice his up with pepper flakes and green onions---which definitely helped as well. Also, ours wasn't warm when served, contrary to what the recipe told me to do. Soooooo, that may be some of the problem. But I know there are some of you reading out there who might be able to salvage this recipe. Wanna try? Here's what I sorta followed. . .

Pumpkin Quinoa (that needs your help)

--1 cup canned pumpkin
--1 cup cooked quinoa
--1/2 cup Almond Breeze (unsweetened)
--Sea salt and pepper to taste
--Shredded coconut to garnish

Mix together. Heat and serve warm.

**So, maybe this dish isn't making you want to run out and try to fix it. Or, maybe it is. I'd truly love to hear if you have ideas, OR if you actually make the dish and think it's great. After all, it is Fall y'all and a pumpkin quinoa dish that tastes flavorful would be awesome for all of us!!!

Happy Friday!!


Unknown said...

Hmmm! I can't figure out what went wrong; it sounds delicious! Did you cook the quinoa in water? I like to cook it in beef broth, but perhaps you are trying to keep it vegetarian? Either way, it sounds yummy and I'm definitely giving it a try.

Stephanie said...

I'm thinking add some brown sugar, toasted almonds or other nut, and dried cranberries. Sounds like a delicious hot breakfast!

lindley said...

Good idea Megan! Stephanie--we did throw in some brown sugar too. Like the toasted almond and cranberry ideas! Thanks!!


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