Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My morning glories

Well, the start of the school year approaching and all that comes with it, has sent me into hiding. My hubby and biggest encourager, reminded me it was time for a new header, so I finally got to it! As you may or may not know, every year for the past 7 years, we make a trip to our local sunflower patch. So every year, this little space gets fresh photos of the boys and how they've grown since the previous year! I enjoying perusing and reflecting and so this year, my post title is this blog's name, a perfect blend of my blogging goals. If you don't know why Morning Glories is in fact Morning Glories, you should read this, where I lay out just why I chose this name!

But back to it, this may have been our quickest sunflower photo shoot on record. The rain clouds were quickly heading our way, and for some very strange reason, our boys were cooperative and eager to smile for Mommy! They actually look forward to the trip and love being to run around in the sunflower patch! This year, we moved back to our original patch, because some of the sunflowers had been turned to corn fields. But no worries, as I mentioned in last year's sunflower post part 1, it's a tough call on whether this yearly shoot is more about the sunflowers or more about the boys. I think both!We didn't have our back to school haircuts yet, so these boys are shaggy, but I love it! 

Charlie has the best hair--so dreamy and surfy to me. Think he'll love it when he's older! He was the one most "on cue" for our outing!

 And Luke, he is looking way too old!! Such a sweetie!

Miles was off and running as usual, and just like last year, when I couldn't even get an individual photo of him. Thankfully this year, I snagged one!

And here's Baby Way, making his 2nd sunflower appearance. Yes, we took him when he was 10 days old last year! Look how much the little cutie has grown!!!

 Love this photo of all of my boys. What a blessed woman I am!

Soaking up the last few days of summer with my family! I love this season!!


Suzanne said...

cannot take it bring me that 1 year old angel BABY! LOVE it! Beautiful sweet family!

Anonymous said...

Love, love the pictures!! Such good looking group of boys/men Yes, Luke is growing up!!


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