Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby Waybe turns 1!!

Our baby is one year old!! Our baby is one year old. Notice the difference in those two sentences? If you could hear my tone as I type it, you would get it right away. So excited to have celebrated one year with my precious Baby Waybe and yet, wow. Just. Cannot. Believe. It! It really does seem worlds away that he was put into my arms and walked around by his Daddy at the hospital, right after the epic delivery of all time. Okay, maybe not, but it sure was to me! Baby Way has gone from this

to this

in just a year! Funny how that works, right? And bittersweet, too. He's our littlest little and always will be. Our baby forever. Someone told me yesterday, on Way's birthday, that it was the last day I can call him "Baby" Way. Ummmm, first of all, she didn't really know me, and second of all, she didn't really know me. There's not a person in this world who can stop me from calling him Baby Waybe if I want to! :)

But instead of being all sappy, it was a time to celebrate for sure! His big bro, Charlie hesitantly declared, "He didn't get any bigger!?" when he first saw Way in the morning. Cuteness! And Miles was ecstatic to run and see Way in his crib first thing in the morning (usually Way is up before Miles, but Way gave us a present on his birthday and let us sleep in a tad)!

We always do a birthday morning greeting photo. . .Good morning Baby Waybe! Happy Birthday!!

And here he is after I sat him up. . .see those puffy eyes? He's been a smidge under the weather. Thinking a little sinus infection may on its way. . .but see him holding his lovie? His name is Puppers and you'll see him again in a sec. . . but let's get this party started!!!

Mimi and Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin joined us in celebrating sweet Way's 1st birthday. . .

We all devoured some burgers, guacamole & chips and watermelon, well, Way ate some green beans and the brothers waited patiently . . .

for some delicious birthday cake!

It took Baby Way a few minutes to get the hang of what a smash cake is. I had to kinda show him how the process worked. But once he figured it out, he loved clasping his hands together, just mushing and smooshing the icing between his hands! 

And after we all took down some cake, it was time for presents. It was late, so he'll be playing with his new toys today, but he did get to play with the toy his brothers got for him. . .or maybe they played and showed him the ropes! Love the fun the big kiddos can have with baby toys!! But love the happiness between these 4 even more!!

Baby Way--Happy 1st Birthday to you! You have brought us so much joy and strength and love and humble pride this past year. We are all smitten with you! You truly are a treasure to us and such a blessing from the Lord! We can't wait to see what you bring to others, what you learn, who you become, what you get into, what you teach us, and more of God's plan this next year! We love you with all of our hearts!!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy and your big bros. . .


Brittany said...

Happy birthday to your precious baby boy! He is so beautiful! LOVE the picture of you holding him and the one of the 4 boys around the toy and the family of 6 pic!!! All great!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Baby Way! He is so cute...can you believe it's been a year already? It went by in a blur. Janey has 22 more days till she's one...not that I'm counting or anything. :)

Lauren said...

who was that uttering such a comment - you can't call him your baby after one!!!!??? as langston would say - 'what the what???'
that way - he is so precious. and, as you said - do you get tired of me saying that?!
i love that picture of him with family with arms open - as if saying happy birthday to me! it's my day - let's celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday baby Way! What a fun day of celebration you had. What a lovely family you have.

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Elizabeth said...


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