Friday, July 19, 2013

the day I could have felt old

That day was yesterday. The day I could have felt old. I found myself on a road trip with just one of my littles-my youngest, who doesn't voice his opinions on car music yet! And I was excited! I dream of paying someone to chauffeur me on a road trip, where I can sleep or just play DJ all by myself! Well, in my preparations for our trip (a day trip to Nashville, just 3 hours there and 3 back), I forgot to gather music. My music. You know, as opposed to the Veggie Tales, Aardvarks and Disney music already in my CD player? Sure, I have a praise music mix that I made and love and Taylor Swift CD's, all of which we all rock out to on a daily basis as well, but I was hoping to belt out some U2 lyrics and start educating Baby Way on good music he hasn't heard much of yet. So, when I stopped to fill up with gas, I started digging through CD's that have been buried under diapers, kiddo music, tissue packs, gum packs, etc. in my console. I came across all kinds of treasures. Some good. Some, not so good, like my 2006 Summer mix I made. Yikes! That was back when I was a middle school counselor and WOW, they sure influenced my music on that CD! Moving on. And then, I hit the jackpot! I found this. . .

I have no idea when I made this, but I knew by the oh-so-original title, this was what I was looking for! It was chock full of what I call perfect-sing-your-heart-out songs by U2, Bon-Jovi, Tom Petty, Journey, Bryan Adams and even some Dave Matthews and Blues Traveler. I was in heaven and Baby Waybe got an ear full!

Fast forward to our arrival at home. One of our sweet babysitters, an 18 year old, who is newly graduated and heading off to college in a month, stayed with our older boys for the day. She voiced her concern that I must be exhausted from the trip over and back in a day (while I was thinking, honey, you must be exhausted from keeping 3 boys ALL day). So, I let her know that I happily found a great CD in my car chock full of 80's music, that kept me awake! She laughed sweetly and said, "That sounds like my Dad."  

That is where I could have felt old. See, I tend to think I'm still 22, like Taylor Swift sings, when my car is full of boys (yes, that's right) and we are singing to her. I tend to think I'm barely older than our babysitter, when in reality, I'm twice her age. And, sure, when she made her comment, I immediately thought of me being stuck on road trips listening to my Dad's music, the Grateful Dead, and wondering how anyone likes this (actually, I still do think that--but, I love CCR and Fleetwood Mac and lots of other bands he introduced me to!) and so I probably should have felt old. But, I didn't. At this stage in my life, feeling old is a mindset. Feeling young is too. I know I'm not 18 anymore, and I'm thankful to be where I am right now, which still doesn't feel old! Nothing like some good ol' rock and roll to help remind me of that! ;) Can I get an Amen?!!!


Our Volunteer Family said...

SO true - and funny! And - we are not old! Whenever I hear Taylor Swift's song - I just sing - I'm feelin 32 :)

Anonymous said...

You aren't old!! You are only as old as you feel! Love you


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