Wednesday, July 17, 2013

red, white and blue

Another catch up post and maybe another, and then onwards!!

This 4th was our 2nd 4th of July in our new house--but just barely! We had just moved into our house 2 weeks prior to July 4th last year. One reason I was so excited to be in our house. . .(other than, we had a baby arriving in mere weeks) was we were finally in a neighborhood with a sense of community and one that has a July 4th parade! Hooray!!

So this year, to start off USA's birthday, we dressed in red, white and blue, decorated bikes and scooters and rode down the street chasing a fire engine in search of cold, delicious treats! Sounds like fun? Yep, sure was!

our 4th on the 4th!
Check out these faces! Ha! Not a one of them smiling--even our neighbor friends! This was prior to the parade and they were just ready to get the show on the road!!

Now the smiles are coming. . .!

And after the parade, we celebrated our nation's birthday in the pool with our friends and good food (including this festive cake)! And of course, with my hubby all decked out! God Bless America!

Happy 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

Fun memories - brought them back to me when you and Mary decorated your bikes with the McDowell and Bradford boys.

Anonymous said...

Love the smiles on their faces while eating ice cream. Chad looks pretty decked out in his tie!


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