Monday, July 22, 2013

counting blessings

“Joy is the realest reality, the fullest life, and joy is always given, never grasped. God gives gifts and I give thanks and I unwrap the gift given: joy.” --Ann Voskamp

Just feeling thankful this wet, soggy morning! Hope you are too. And if you aren't, I encourage you to open your eyes and just look around. Maybe your kitchen is already a mess. Mine is. Maybe it's raining like cats and dogs and even flooding and you have to go to the grocery store. I do. Maybe you woke up late and had to cancel an appointment only to reschedule it and have it kinda mess with the rest of your week. We did. Maybe you have a child who screamed his little heart out because he was still hungry (even though his bowl was still full of Cheerios and he didn't want to eat them) and you felt frustrated with the lack of contentment around you. I can relate.

And as you look around, this Monday, maybe you can see the gifts you've been given. Your messy kitchen because you've been given a precious family to feed and nurture. The pouring down rain because it's beautiful and the earth has needed it. The extra little bit of sleep you were given and the appointment you can still keep this week. And that little angel, who can be comforted by a hug and a book--all are gifts from God!

 Counting blessings. . .

--a carport to shield us from the rain
--one on one time with little Miles and books
--our PT who was happy to reschedule Way's appt.
--my hubby who sacrificed his time this morning
--a napping baby
--laughing and playing with new friends
--happy texts with my Biffer

**And just a little side note, 10 years ago today, we experience Hurricane Elvis in this good ol' city of ours! I remember it clearly, sleeping at my parents house, waiting for Chad to arrive from Indiana as we moved back to Memphis. This incredible storm hit, that knocked out power for days and weeks. Straight line winds that tore down trees hundreds of years old. If you were here, you remember! But here's a snapshot from The Commercial Appeal and recount of some of the damage. . .

Photo credit: A.J. Wolfe/The Commercial Appeal

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

That blog made me smile!

One addition - that same screaming child was the one who also screamed his head off the night before because he wanted you, and not me, to put him down. He went to bed crying b/c, much to his chagrin, we didn't bow to his tantrum. So, yes, he was in a bad mood, but, what happened when you went in to kiss him good night? He stood up in his darkened bed, grabbed your face, and kissed you on the lips! You are loved.

One clarification, "we" were not moving back to Memphis during hurricane Elvis. "We" were moving to Memphis.

Still always,


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