Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer's here!

It's June and I'm putting this out here, so I can't take it back. I like June! Really like June! Now don't start alerting the real press, I'm still a winter girl. No changing that. But I used to not like the actual months of summer. I like summer as a whole and what it represents, but the months never made it on my, "Name Your Top 8 Months" list. I think June just made it! Forget July (other than our anniversary and now a birthday) and August. Waaaaaaayyy too hot! But here's lovely June. Welcoming summer fun and yet not oppressive summer heat! All rolled into one, June screams, "Happy summer!", fireflies, watermelon, the crickets or cicadas that make their long chirps right up til evening, sprinklers, yummy treats, allium flowers, swimming, VBS, picnics, vacations and on and on. The new-ness of summer is here and we are soaking it up!!! Happy Summer to you, too!

1 comment :

Suzanne said...

LOVE June July and august do not like all things fall and winter...are yall at vbs??? If so where I am teaching JK!!!! Find me!


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