Tuesday, June 4, 2013

an adventure to DC

We made a trip last week to DC, to visit hubby's family, and even though it wasn't technically June, our vacation started summer! We played mini-golf, saw the White House, toured a couple of Smithsonians, ate some treats on the Mall, and spent time with family! It was a sweet trip for all, even if we were quite sick when we arrived! Spent some time in the ER for Way, with my sister-in-law by my side--thanks K--but after that, we were good to go. And go we did! The boys loved playing with their cousins and spending time with grandparents they don't see often enough and we threw the schedule/routine for the little ones out the door, pretty much. We had a grand time! Some highlights include. . .
A stop to see the White House! After Luke's fascination/passion for the Presidents after studying a unit on Presidents during this past year, (which I never posted about, so here are a couple of pics too), we had to take him to see the White House! He was pretty thrilled! We even saw Marine One fly in!

First our future President from his President's program back in February

And now, 3 of our 4 in front of the White House! Could it be a future home?

Nana and Poppy enjoy the fun too!
 But my fave pic is this one! Love these boys!!!

And the refreshing treats. . .

Baby Way was with us too! And Miles as well, but one day the littlest littles headed back home while we explored with Luke and Char.

And on that one day, we let the boys choose what they wanted to see. Luke chose the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History--knowing there would be animals of all kinds. And Charlie, well his one and only desire was to see C-3PO, which was at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. We headed off to conquer and first came Natural History. Luke had me take a picture of him with almost every animal. His fave being a black jaguar right now. . .

But the really, really, really bad news came when we found out that C-3PO was NOT on exhibit at the American History Museum due to restorations. This is Charlie's immediate reaction. Not staged, people. He FELL OUT on the floor in disappointment!!!! Poor little buddy!!!

We really enjoyed our time with family and exploring our nation's capital! Thanks for having us Nana and Poppy and K&P and boys! We love y'all!

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Aunt Mary! said...

I seriously might just look at that last picture any time I need to cheer up. Too funny. Glad y'all ended up having a great trip after a sickly start!


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