Thursday, June 27, 2013

I've been thinking. . .

I've been thinking

1. I haven't made one single trip to Target this week. This must mean our bank account has a little more in it! Chuckles did just mention that he has only one Pull Up left though. Guess, I'll be there tomorrow. And speaking of. . .he's still in a Pull Up at night. Buddy just has a smaller bladder. Anyone else have that going on with their 5 year old?

2. Guess the above thought of Target and then Pull Ups led me to Way. Holy moley! He has the worst diaper rash I've seen on any of our littles, and he is in some pain! Bless his heart! Think I need to call and get that magic miracle-working compound they make out there. Stuff does wonders. Seriously!

3. I've never shopped on Sevenly before. Have you? It's a cause/charity site. For this one week, the cause is about Down syndrome. Here's what Sevenly is doing this week. . .
. . .This week, your purchase provides a book providing critical information to expectant parents who recently learned of the prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. With your support, parents will receive tools and support, empowering them to cope with news and prepare for the challenges and rewards in store for them. We are giving much more than a book, we are giving a family a lifeline!
Sounds like something we support! I might just finish this post and go find a little something! How about this? How about you?
4. Like I mentioned here, our oven has been broken since Saturday! Well, it's now fixed--basically a little more than a circuit breaker switch flip to fix it--thank goodness! But, ya know, I didn't miss it all week! If you need to pick a time for your oven to break--pick summer. Who wants to use their oven in the summer? NOT me!! It's supposed to reach 100 degrees today. No need heating our oven, to heat our kitchen, to heat our bodies, to make us miserable. With me? Amen! And on that note, I made a delish dish straight from Pinterest last night. If Luke's swim meet doesn't last forever tonight, and I don't die from the heat, I might just have an FYI Friday post with that recipe tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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Our Volunteer Family said...

We always keep a jar of Resinol on hand for diaper rashes. It is at the pharmacy - but you don't need a prescription. Works wonders! I haven't gone to Target either this week!


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